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2008 Nissan Versa (6 Reviews)
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I bought my Nissan brand new in 2008. I will just list everything I have had to replace and you be the judge:

*CV Axle (within the first year)
*Multiple hubcaps (within the first two years)--Side Note: This is a well known problem for this car and the manufacturer refuses to replace them without the owner paying full price.
*Right control arm
*Three engine mounts
*Tire pressure monitor
*Both CV axles (yes they have been replaced more than once.)
*Catalytic Converter
*Now the car is taking an extended amount of time to start.

It is important to note that my mom bought a Honda Accord the same year and has similar mileage, however, she has not needed to make one major repair. As soon as I paid this car off, I had to make several repairs and I have hardly been able to save the money that I would have been making on my payments. I can't speak for other Nissan models but this one is terrible. I will never buy a Nissan again.
I have been working on one of these for a friend, for a couple of years now. I have developed my own personal opinion of this car through my mechanical experience, and find it to be a highly over priced piece of crap. The subframe "floats" on rubber mounts that road salt destroys. All rubber bushings in this car cannot hold up to "salt belt" weather conditions. All of the factory service and factory parts are excessively over priced. From a mechanical design point of view, I'd love to slap around the designers! This car is HORRIBLE, CHEAPLY BUILT and a total piece of junk.
Further.... I have NEVER seen a car where you can kick the front tire backwards, and the tire on the other side of the car move FORWARD AND BACK!!!!! The whole subframe, suspension, motor and transmission are bolts to rubber mounts that the body SITS on.
I bought my 2008 Versa new in 2009 (leftover on the dealer lot). Had a few very minor problems at first (tire pressure warning light, gas door latch) that took too many trips to the dealer to get fixed, but otherwise things were okay until a few weeks ago. Catastrophic failure (oily antifeeze all over the engine compartment). Had it towed to the dealership because there was one month left on the drive train warranty and then waited two weeks before we even got a loaner car. Kept telling us they were waiting for the guys upstairs to approve the repair. Two days later I was told that a failure in the radiator had caused coolant to leak into the transmission, destroying it and the radiator and that because the problem originated in the radiator it wasn't covered under the drivetrain warranty. $4400 repair. I trade it in as is on a Kia instead. Nissan may have saved themselves a repair bill but they lost a customer for life.
I have bought the car in 2010 from Enterprise 2008 Versa. Overall was nice little car, But fuel economy could be better. City drive was like 12 gallons get only around 250 miles, and HW 300 miles. Right now it's better after I put seafoam in the tank and the red oil, forgot the name of it, improve to 300 to 350. But real issue I see in customer care in dealership. After I've got the car was the problem with the swings on the road from bumps or wind, and metal on metal slight bangs. And after 2 years I found out that it's sub-frame bushings problem. I took it to CurryNissan in Yorktown, NY. After explaining the problem, they mess with the car for an hour, and said that I need starts, tires, alignment, and someother crap for over $1000, the parts I never had problem with. And the reason I came for, they just don't want to talk about. Piss me off scam bags. Bushings Nissan should fix it for free, there is no way it will worn out, I would say faulty parts. So they drove me crazy, and gave me a bill for $130 at the end for doing nothin. On the top of it, the 'best' part, after I left, had to fill up the tank, SURPRISE.., gas tank door would not open. The lever would pull the latch, but door would not pop up, I'm suspecting they did something. So this is the CurryNissan. Another dealer in Mount Kisko, I went before there, they gave me dirty look. I tried to trade in there also, they drove my car, made mess in it, so I never go there again. I don't go to dealer for repair, just to get rip off for little to no work. But in regular shops told me that they would not be able to fix the sub-frame bushings and it is better to go to dealer. Another thing hub caps, if you change tires, and mechanics not careful, then they will damage fragile clips on hub caps, so eventually they will fall off while you driving. Overall I do satisfied with the car, but customer care is sucks.
We will never buy another Nisan again ....ever! This car is awful we bought this car 1 year ago used with 32,000 miles it is a 2008. Since sever had the car we have to a lot an extra 200 to 500 dollars ever other month. The first thing we noticed all the hub caps started popping off after that the low tire pressure light came on had that fixed for 270.00 only to have it come back on 2 days later took it back an had all the switches replaced because the engine oil had leaked and fried all the switches for 280.00 only to go back a week later to find out we needed a whole new engine which came to a whopping 5000.00 our mouths dropped how does a car that is two years old need a new engine we were 4000 miles over the warranty and Nissan wouldn't work with us at all ... So we replaced the engine a took a sigh of relief thinking ok now it's fixed only to have the a/c go out or about 180.00 and 6 weeks after the new engine the fuel pump went out to replace that was another 470.00 So do I think Nissan is a good buy ...sure if you have extra money and time for you car to be in the shop ...go for it the best part of it is Nissan company doesn't even care!
Car is great service great hurrah for
Younkers Nissan in Renton WA

Bob Simons