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2007 Nissan Versa (13 Reviews)
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I've read alot of bad things about the Nissan Versa and I can only review based on my own experience and I have to tell you that I have my 2007 Hatchback since 2009 and I now have 85200 miles on it. Just now have I had a real breakdown. The throttle body needs replacing. Though its a $1000 job, it is not bad for being the first time. I have all the scheduled maint. done. Except for normal wear this car has been the most reliable I have ever had. The only thing I don't like is the fact that it does not have a keyhole for the trunk. So when that breaks if you don't fix it, you have to crawl through your back seat and open it from the inside. I even tow a small boat with it and no problems. It has been a great little car.
I Have a 2007 Nissan Versa and Im telling you I have had all kinds of problems. I was on the highway when the car just cut off. Then have had to replace the exhaust system, now the car will not pass the emission test now I need to replace heater control circuit sensor circuit bank, the tire pressure light will not go off no matter how much air I put into the tires and God only know what else. I an truly disappointed with this car because I have done nothing except put money into it. No wonder they keep calling me about a extended warranty on this car.
I have had to crank the engine at least twice to get the engine started immediately.

Lately it has been a 10 minute embarrassing crank period, with others wondering if I am "in need a jumpstart?" in parking lots.

It is not the battery, it seems.

I suspect the sparks, the fuel filter, the fuel pump, or at worst, all three.

My 2007 Versa SL is a hatch with under 20000 miles.

I actually like the car overall (it does have severe blind spots…this is a big drawback, and the AC started becoming warm at around 15000 miles), and I normally recommend things I like.

However, this fuel pump system seems to be my biggest reason for recommending with 70% thumbs up. If I am able to fix this spark plug/fuel filter/fuel pump situation on my own, then more percentage of my thumbs will follow.

If I have to pay hundreds in repairs for this, expect another review with more negative comments!

We have a 2007 nissan versa 1.8L. We have put 45,000 miles on it with one long road trip through the snow and 8 moutain passes from WA to NC. The first problem, yup, was the tire light. It has a mind of its own. The second problem is the outer door handle. I unlocked the door one day and went to get into the car. I opened the door and pulled on the handle and voila! The door handle came right out! The second thing now is the brakes. They stick to the rotors. You have to lift the pedal off the floor to make the brakes come off of the rotors fully. Never again Nissan!!
Don't get the 6 speed manual!!!!!! Ratio to short! shifting is redundant! Clutch slave and clutch lemon!! Too much shifting burns it out quick!Should of got the CVT automatic! Oh well Live and learn.
I bought my Nissan Versa S brand new in late 2007.
I had to take it in once for the engine motor mount went bad. It was still under warranty. I understand this is common problem with this make/model.

I still get 34-35 miles to the gallon. I use regluar unleaded fuel. I am 43 years old drive 20 mins to work daily. Live in Central PA. I follow the maintance schedule fairly closely. Currently 63,000 miles.

I love my Nissan Versa. Thinking of getting the Leaf once they get the design flaws worked out of the system.

It is a "zippy" car around town. Handles nicely. You won't brake any speed limits climbing mountains in this car. But you will save $$$ in gas.

Nice safety air bag systems through out the car.

I too have had issues with the Tire Pressure Sensors. I understand that this is a common issue with these cars over 75,000 miles.

Other than the pesky Nissan Hubcabs that keep losing their clips....I would recommend this car.
First, I really like my Versa; it has about 25k miles.

Recently I have had a starting problem. I would have to crank the starter for a long time (greater than 15 s) before starting. I tried pumping the accelerator, etc. I called to dealer service department; the rep. said the problem was a faulty pressure sensor; the cost to fix the problem: over $300. If one were kind, they would say that I'm frugile.

Anyway I came up with a FIX. Turn the ignition ON, pump the accelerator twice, then turn the key to START. The car starts in two or three cranks, everytime.
We purchased ou 2007 Versa Hatchback gently used (1 year old) from the Reno dealer and have never been happier. We have driven a few long trips since then (Southern california and Colorado) plus several short trips over the hill (Northern California). She has been great in the winter - survived many a snowstorm. I too have had issues with the tire pressure sensor and also chose to ignore it rather than dish out money for repair. After nearly 4 years, We have had our first real issue - the trunk will not open. It cannot be open with a key and we do not have a trunk pop on the smart key. It can be opened mannually through the interior release. It just started last night - checked fuses and other items mentioned on forums...but everything I have read suggests I would be better off taking it in. Even with this glitch...I would by it again.
I purchased a new, 2007 Nissan Versa in July 2007. One month later, I brought the car in after experiencing trouble starting the car. It took at least 5 cranks at a few seconds each to get the engine to turn over. They replaced the fuel pump assembly that August 2007. Same problem reappeared, which they replaced the fuel pump, again in March 2008. May 2008 - (third visit) brought it in and they replaced fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. August 2008 same problem arose and fuel pump replaced. Wrote Nissan Corporate Affairs, after my fourth visit to Nissan service, in August 2008 addressing the issue and received a voicemail response. Problem was fixed until December 2009, when fuel pump was replaced for the fifth time. I noticed the problem would occur on cold starts, after the car sat for at least a couple hours. And was more common during cold weather months. Nonetheless, a new car should not have problems like this!

Now, in May 2011, I am experiencing the same problem. I am scheduled for my sixth fuel pump replacement. This time, however, was interesting because I am out of my factory warranty. Originally, the service manager tried to charge me $95 to diagnose the problem, despite my report of the same problem I have experienced intermittently the past 4 years. After an extended discussion, he agreed to diagnose the problem free of charge and the report revealed the problem was the fuel pump - yet again! This problem is covered under the power train warranty....but only 5 years and 50,000 miles. I'm quickly approaching that 50,000 mi and wonder how long this one will last... My advice - don't buy a Versa. Do some research and find that many Versa drivers are experiencing the same problem. Learn from others' mistakes!

I wish I didn't like everything else about the car, but this issue is beginning to make me hate my Nissan Versa.
I love my Versa hatchback! 2007, and its been the best car ever. It is great on gas and has been on several long trips without any problems. Very roomy and has lots of packing space. It gets over 100 miles every day and is very reliable for my job. Cranks right up on those 5 degree winter days without delay. Heats and cools quickly. The only thing is that pesky tie light it's the only pain with this car. I just look at it as alittle personality. Yes i would by another Versa hatchback. OH Get the tan interior it is much easier to keep clean.
love my Versa, over 145K miles on it already, only issue thus far is the pesky tire sensor indicator light, i finally got to the point where i just ignore it! the dealer wanted 80$ to run diagnostics to figure out which sensor was bad, and causing the light to come on, and then another hundred bucks to replace the sensor! for that, I'll ignore the light! other than that, lvoe the car, nothing but oil changes in four years and almost 150K miles
This car is lemon. This is the last Nissan for me. Good buy Nissan, never again.

Juan owner of the Nissan Verssa
the car has been good and very reliable, great on gas. Has been on a lot of road trips. But I am also done with Nissan, their after-sale service is awful, they are rude and try to tell you the thing that is wrong with your car is not covered under warranty. I brought my car in with knocking noise in the engine and it has 3 documented oil changes and one at home (that I did not keep receipt for) and it has 13,000 miles on it and they said it was probably sludge due to lack of oil changes and refused to service the car. I fought with corporate and they finally okayed a different Nissan service shop to look at it. It's still in the shop, so we will see. But bottom line, service sucks, before this we had a Nissan X-Terra and they always tried to weasel their way out of reparing stuff that was still under warranty. Done with Nissan.