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2012 Nissan Sentra (6 Reviews)
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I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra bought new it is starting to have problems and Nissan doesn't gave a rats behind about their loyal customers. I spent $123 on new AC compressor and $140 replacing getting brakes done now CVT is jerking while left me stranded in Walmart parking lot. AAA towed my car to Nissan which need an new transmission but warranty is closed to expire because my car has 100,000 miles so Nissan talks about having a fix we'll see about their lacking services. I am losing lots of faith in Nissan because now these cars are nothing but problems I religiously maintain all my cars do schedule maintenance oil changes careful on getting things done now not so happy with my car. This is my first and last Nissan will ever buy.
Last of the old body. I paid 18,300 out the door for this SR. Pleasantly surprised how nice it drives, great gas mileage and still on original brakes. Love the way it shifts, smooth and I never feel any jerking motion. Best car for the money. Ugly rear end but I got used to it.
I am writing this review because I want other people to AVOID THIS CAR AT ALL COSTS. This is the worst vehicle I have purchased and I am stuck with it because I cant trade the damn thing in due to the drop in value. I owned a 2010 Honda Civic and it kicked Nissan's fanny!!! Sadly I was hit and my Honda was totaled but I survived. So back to this rolling money pit. It has 65000 miles on it, I bought it in 2011 its now 2014. When I start the car it revs up and hangs out at 2.5 RMPs until I put it in to gear, there is a light that says lose fuel cap. It has had a knocking noise in the steering column when I turn the wheel left or right. There is a loud THUNK noise when the damn thing starts rolling and the breaks make a terrible swish/swish/swish noise when I go to stop. I cant keep up with the repairs on it. I also think the transmission is getting ready to go as well. Its a lemon!! I took it to the dealer and they just tell you nothing is wrong these are phantom issues and then since your warranty is only 30,000 miles it will run out and Nissan runs off with your cash. SCREW this car company I will never purchase another one.
My daughter bought a 2011 nissan sentra with 1700 miles on it march 2012 .. since purchased has had to take in monthly for issues .. battery cables ?? had difficulty starting , brakes had to be replaces 2 times, drifting to left . which has been in 3 times .. still does it, radio .. and one other problem can't remember but had to do with starting and stopping .. very upset and frustrated ..
bought a brand new sentra 2.0 a month ago with the automatic transmission and so far i have no complaints yet. drives and steers very smoothly. engine and transmission very quiet and low road noise
I own a brand new (Oct 2011) 2012 Sentra SR and feel that there is something wrong with the steering. It will wander to the left on straight roads. In fact, it can change lanes all by itself on the highway if I do not have a firm grip on the wheel! (My 21 year old daughter brought this to my attention when I let her drive it for the first time: "Mom, the car pulls to the left.")

I returned it to the dealer's service dept and their asst manager gave me a lengthy speech about how this car's rack and pinion steering will conform to the "crown in the road." Neither my husband nor I have ever experienced this phenomenon with rack and pinion vehicles we have owned. The man took it for a test drive with me and he kept deliberately jerking the steering wheel to the right. He agreed to check the front end alignment and found it needed adjustment. It seemed better for a month but problem has since recurred. I am having buyer's remorse!