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2007 Nissan Sentra (8 Reviews)
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Purchased my 2007 Sentra S in 2010. It has been a great little car! That being said, I wish the seat adjusted to where short people can raise it high enough to see over the hood and not be in the steering wheel. The brakes are original (it is at 150K now) and work great, but they squeal when they are wet. I've had them checked by multiple mechanics at different shops and they all say they look great. Gotta love those Nissan engines! They run like nobody's business, but i wish they didn't sound like a wind up toy. :) I've had some issues with it dying when trying to cold start it. Finally it blew up the fuse to the starter that is situated over the battery under the positive terminal. After checking, we found the intake hose had a large hole in it that the original owner had used black electrical tape to seal it back off. These two items I can replace for $150. Last summer I had a terrible squeal in the passenger suspension. It turned out that the boot was almost completely off the shock. I replaced both shocks, the control arms, all three motor mounts (cheap) (which caused a lot of the noise),took it for an alignment and the car drives brand new again. The carpet and upholstery is very durable. I spilled oil in rear floor board and it came up by scrubbing a very small bit of dawn into it and pouring club soda over it. Vacuumed it up and hit it with BleachWhite. It looks the same as the other side now! I love this car!
I owned this car since 07 starting to have few mechanical problems but can't compare whatsoever because its been a great car since Day 1. It has 168,000 miles took 34 trips got 31 mpg and rode pretty smooth back in the day. I am looking for a new car now but have had an good experience out of my Sentra never gave a problem.
The CV tranny was making a noise and found out that Nissan had extended the warranty to 120000, mine was at 98320, due to problems. Brought my 07 Sentra to the dealer and sure enough the tranny was bad. It was replaced free of charge, but if it wan not covered it would have cost in excess of $2800.00. Now I'm having an intermittent stalling problem. Owned the vehicle since say one in 07
I have a 2007 Sentra, anybody have issues with Back end out of alignment
Very few problems that cannot be explained by normal wear and tear. Although I am at a loss with a problem with a squeak in the front end while driving. I've found that my bottom rear engine mount was split in two and had that replaced but the problem persists. If anything it has worsened which leads me to believe its suspension related but the dealer tells me everything checks out. Does anyone have any idea what this may be?
Car is very nice and runs well. Transmission allows the car to be very peppy
Just bought this car about two weeks ago and is running just fine. Exterior of the car is awesome. The look of the car reminds me of a baby altima or maxima. Steering quality is pretty good though it feels rather heavy or stiff so you might have to get used to that. Also the ride quality is excellent where road noise is kept to a minimum and large bumps feel nonexistent.The interior is decent. Even though it has lots of room, most of the interior is made of cheap plastic that scratches really easiliy so beware. Another problem is that the A pillars are really thick so they obscure your vision quite a bit. This issue escalates when your trying to make left turns and you can't see. Also the tire pressure monitor doesn't turn off so I think its a defect. Otherwise its a great car.:)
love this car i get about 27mpg city and 34hwy
good accelaration and stopping distance tends to fishtail a little in the snow,but still a very good car.