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2000 Nissan Sentra (2 Reviews)
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Just the other day I had my 2000 sentra scoped and found I a new
cooling fan.This was on a Saturday 4/27/13.The shop told me I couk\ld still drive the car but,not to excide 36 mph.But on Monday night 4/29/13 my ca did overheat and the top of the radiator which is plastic cracked completely across the top,How I need anew radiator and the fan?
This car was a perfect fit, when new. It now has 113,000 miles on it.
Repairs have been: Cracked fuel pump, possibly from hitting a big pot hole hard. Has had trouble with the gauges completely going out while driving, and staying off for a while, then coming back on. This has happened nearly since new, but the dealer said it had to completely quit working before they would replace it. The steering creaks and pops when turning slow. The Dealer said it isn't a safety issue so I haven't had it fixed.

Recently, I've had a lot of trouble with it dying at red lights or in drive through lines. It starts back with no problem. The Dealer repairman said the diagnostic test indicated it is running rich. He had me use a $20 cleaning fluid in the gas, that is suppose to eat off any deposits. If that doesn't work, he wants to clean the fuel injection. If that still does not fix the problem, he said it may need a Mass Air Flow Sensor, which would cost $400-$500 to repair.

I have always loved my car. I hope I'm not entering the repair one thing after another zone. I'm the type that as long as it gets me there and back I'm happy. Overall run ability of the car has been great until now, not bad for 113,000 miles.