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1996 Nissan Sentra (2 Reviews)
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I have a 96 Sentra very reliable vehicle driving around town. Gets decent gas mileage, replaced cv boots/ball joints - air compressor, 2 struts and water pump. The car received good maintenance never spent nothing expensive did get muffler worked on noticed saw small holes and minor leak but I took care of that at the muffler shop. Love the car has few minor body dents was like that when got 3 years ago would not sell this vehicle been reliable ever since. I'm thinking of doing a little work on it like fixing it up and get a paint job has couple rust spots. It drives well went to Seattle no problems didn't smoke or stalled got 30mpg these cars are well built like tanks I have 230k miles now - Purchased 3 years ago 124k miles engine original runs like Energizer battery I use Lucas tranny fluid 5w30 and change oil with Valvoline synthetic service every 6,000 miles. Innovation that standards - My 1996 Sentra.
My car is 1996 1.6 nissan sentra with a GA16 engine. there is a noise at the entrance of the left CV joint to the gear box. (inner CV). They say I must replace the bearing/pilot bush on the mouth of the gear box where the CV sits/turns. What can I do to replace this bearing?