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1991 Nissan Sentra (2 Reviews)
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I have a 1991 nissan sentra ser 2.0 and it has been a great car! Purchased it new. It is red the paint is faded. I seen that someone said they had fuel injectors replaced on their nissan. Well let me tell you something. I had a fuel injector acting up and took it to a repair center in virgina and the guy said it needed replaced so i got it done. About 3 months later i had the same problem again i was going to take it back in and then it went away all by it's self!!! Here what was happening was dirt was getting in the injectors. This second time the speck of dirt worked it's way through the injector on it's own. I never had to do anything to it and that has been 4 years ogo! They really didn't need replaced just cleaned. So the point here is some people blame the car when it may be the mechanic they are taking it to? Look on youtube and you will see many videos on this! 20/20 48 hours dateline nbc all have shows on this. From your washing machine or fridge to your car it happens all the time!!! I am just saying beware it may not be your car that is to blame all the time. Yes your car may have some problems all cars do but it may be a $30.00 problem but you may end up paying $300.00 I hope this helps someone. Just Beware!
Brought my 91 Nissan Sentra new and traveled with it throughout the United States and during my years in the military it was shipped to a couple of overseas bases. With a little over 130K, this is truly a great car ( and considered a family member). Most costly expenses were the fuel injectors and the muffler (at least three times) besides that the regular scheduled fluid changes were all this baby needs to run. I will surely miss this car and dread the thought of it sitting in a junk yard.