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2005 Nissan Quest (1 Review)
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We bought the van new in 2005. It was at least $5k less than the Odyssey or Sienna. About three months later, we lost first or second gear in the transmission. The delearship replaced the transmission control unit and it's been fine since. Shortly thereafter, the dash storage compartment broke and needed replacement.

It's a very comfortable vehicle. It glides down the highway like a luxury car. The exterior is still attractive and the paint has held up. I keep good wax on it. The seats are a little uncomfortable for me (6 ft) on long trips and the interior is cheap. Sometimes the ceiling vents will just fall down and the center of the dash is covered in something like felt that has worn and looks brown and gray from dirt - ugly. On occassion, the driver's window switch will not raise the window on the first try.

We have over 60k on it now and the steering groans when you turn the wheel hard in either direction. There are no leaks and the power steering fluid is full. I hope it's the pump and not the steering box.

I'm a DIY guy and I still haven't found a repair manual for this thing. That's crazy. I did find some exploded views of different systems somewhere online. Maybe the dealer has one. Everything is tight in the engine compartment like most vehicles these days, so I doubt any repair will be easy. I have no idea how I will get to the rear spark plugs (close to the firewall).