1993 Nissan Pickup (D21) Reviews and Owner Comments

1993 Nissan Pickup (D21) owners review and rate their 1993 Nissan Pickup (D21).

1993 Nissan Pickup (D21) (5 Reviews)
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My 1993 D21 just turned over 244000 miles & still runs strong.
Only repairs done (other than regular upkeep)replace the idler arm @ 243000 & a rusted out fuel tank. (very hard to find a "good" used tank.)

The oil has been changed every 2000-3000 miles & a clutch last year.
Takes a lickin' & Keeps on tickin'!
my dad bought this truck in 1993, it had 120 miles on it because it was a test drive truck. it went from a daily driver to a weekend/beach truck then when i turned 16 it turned back into a daily driver. replaced the clutch at 125,000 and the exhaust at the same time (it disintegrated because of rust). this truck has been through hell and back. we've driven it through sand, mud, water up to the frame, snow, anything you can think of. it has 140k on it now and i'm in the process of replacing spark plugs and wires and the valve cover gaskets. all in all it's a very reliable truck
i have a 93 hardbody and everything on it is still stock and it has 245,498 miles on it and it still runs great
Drag Race Truck. Used during race season. Carb. 6cyl. Front end vinyl wrap.
This truck took an amazing amount of punishment from me. I did have issues with the peeling clear coat. The manual transmission crunched in 2nd gear, and there would be a false check engine light that would come on periodically for no real reason. Other than that I was impressed with the amount of abuse the truck took and kept on going.