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2001 Nissan Pathfinder (5 Reviews)
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Our Nissan Pathfinder has been exemplary. No major problems, minimal repair and maintenance costs for a car with 105,000 miles. We have only done spark plugs and oil changes, and drive belts on schedule. Brake pads are expensive because of the 4 wheel drive.
Basically and extremely reliable SUV. I have had some problems with the front brakes. Lots of vibration through the steering wheel etc when applied- even after they had been replaced. Must be a much more complex problem than simply replacing the pads.
I love my pathfinder, I have crashed it a couple times by going into a ditch or I hit ice and spun out of control went over a curb and was stopped by a rock wall but then drove off like nothing had happenned, this suv likes the abuse and it never stops I just keep up with all the maintinece
I have nearly 300,000 miles on my pathfinder and it continues to run without a flaw. I have done very little except regular oil changes. I never even had to change the spark plugs. The rear stablizer bushings needed replacing and I took it to a shop to press in the bushings, rather than buying the whole assembly. The tow package is exceptional too. I had the ball hitch on the tow bar and was rear-ended. It buckled the frame and caused the front and rear doors to get squeezed. My insurance company totalled the vehicle so I bought it back and had a shop with a frame puller give it a pull. Everything pulled right back into place and I have since put another 40,000 miles on the car. I get many wonderful comments on the body and the looks. In a few words, this vehicle is the best vehicle I ever owned bar none. I love it.
I purchased this 4-Wheel Drive Pathfinder (LE) new from the dealership in Dec. of 2000 and have since driven it 260,000 miles. Other than routine maintenance with oil changes every 5,000 miles, tires, fan belt, brakes,etc. I have only had to replace an oil cooling device ($150). My only major dissatisfaction with the vehicle has been with the brakes. I have experienced very pronounced vibration on the front-end, whenever I apply the brakes, especially when I'm driving down a steep grade at moderate to high speed, Although I replaced the brake pads and had the rotors turned a couple of different times, that has only ever helped for a very brief period and then it's back to the same old problem. I can't help but wonder if there is not something defective within the brake system itself; such as, different braking pressures on one or more of the wheels. The problem has been there forever.

Another issue that has arisen only within the past 50,000 miles is a hesitation in the engine whenever accelerating via passing gear while going up a mountain. This condition is normally not appreciable until the vehicle reaches a speed of 70 mph. Have tried fuel injector cleaner, tune-up,and fuel filter, but to no avail.

This brings me to my most disturbing issue of all, which really has nothing to do with the vehicle itself, but rather the dealership's service department, or should I say, "lack" of service department. I have had multiple disappointments in attemping to resolve several other minor issues, which are too numerous and lengthy to elaborate upon here, but suffice it to say that I have virtually no confidence at this point that theses people know what they are doing, even to the extent I have to question whether much of what they said they did to correct the issue ever really got done at all. The two issues I discussed in detail earlier are only two of approimately ten I had asked them to work on but for which I had poor or no results from their efforts.