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1998 Nissan Pathfinder owners review and rate their 1998 Nissan Pathfinder.

1998 Nissan Pathfinder (2 Reviews)
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I bought my pathfinder in 2004 with 30,000 miles and now it has 150,000. Best purchase I have made, runs solid and has taken a lot of abuse. It has its issues that you typically read about for this model, the exhaust has broken in 3 places, the rear bushings went out a little prematurely, the braking leaves a little to be desired as well as the engine power and the check engine light almost never turns off despite a lack of problems. I consider all of these minor issues due to age and the fact that no car will be perfect in all areas. I have taken many 1000 mile plus trips in it and never had an issue. It always starts strong and has never stranded me. It is solid off road and in the snow for a small suv and the 4 wheel drive has been solid and trustworthy. Considering the time frame it was designed and built you wont find a more reliable better built vehicle. I love it and look forward to many more miles.
By far the best car I have ever owned. I bought it new and I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off. I have always done regular maintenance and have had minimal problems with it. The check engine light came on a while back, but my mechanic told me it is because of an exhaust leak that makes the computer think that there is something wrong with the o2 sensor.
The only real issue I have ever had with it is the fog lamps. If the bulb burns out they are impossible the change. I have actually had my mechanic do it for me.
My plans for the future of my vehicle are to put some aftermarket fog lamps on it and probably a flow master exhaust (which should fix the problem with the check engine light.)
I do have one problem that no one can put their finger on. When I am driving at freeway speeds and take my foot off the gas the rear end wobbles. I have replaced tires and shocks/ bushings and nothing seems to fix it. If anyone can tell me what the problem is, I would love to know.