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1997 Nissan Pathfinder (9 Reviews)
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my 1997 Pathfinder is junk. It was in several accidents before being sold to me and I didn't know that. I've had nothing but problems with it and now I can't get it to pass some stupid drive cycle for the emissions test.
I bought my 1997 pathfinder since 2002,it runs real good,the only thing I did ,is put new starter,a battery,timing belt,new spark plugs,I drove it everywhere,it runs like new,never left me on the road,I will never sell it as long as I live.I do change oil on a regular basis,the I just changed the tires and breaks about a year ago.the tires that came with it I put over 60.000 miles,I since I bought it it had like 80.000 miles,now is a good suv..
i have a problem with tect in the dash, it's going crazy???
Both of the cars I owned are Nissan Passfinder. The older one is 1997. It has 215,000 miles on it but it runs like new.
I have had an excellent experience with my '97 Pathfinder. It was leased 11mos before I bought it in '97 and have been the sole owner. In respose to wwehmeyer...I found a site with older posts that describe the side to side wobble that you and I both have experienced. There is detailed info on how others have repaired this issue, here's the link
hope it helps :)
I bought my 97 Pathfinder in 2000, I have over 250K miles on it and have had a handling problem, like a "wiggle" sensation when i get to around 55 mph but dampens out, I have the vehicle in shop right now, since I havent changed any struts or shocks since I purchased it!! Maybe that will work. Im handing off this vehicle to my daughter (new drive) little did I know that it would be around that long to be a dependable commuting to school vehicle....Im overjoyed with the performance!!
My 1997 pathfinder had 35,000 miles on it when I bought it in1999...As of today it has 330,000 miles and still going strong! And have never had to do anything outside of normal servicing. The paint ,body and interior still looks great...
Bought brand new... 208,000 miles and still going strong. Replaced the timing belt at 105,000 miles and about to do it again.

Other then that... maintenance has been a breeze. Excellent Car..
I am actually Canadian but the site doesn't accept my postal code.

I owned my used 97 pathfinder SE since 99. It initially had 27000km when I bought it from a guy who babied it. It now has around 150000km and it's still drives like new.

There has been a few but expected repairs done on the vehicle. Three door lock actuators ($300 per), knock sensor (approx. $800 part of it was covered under factory warranty), exhaust (approx. $1000), anti-sway bar links (about $400), starter (about $300), water pump ($300). The upper radiator hose cracked and had to be replaced ($30).

There's the usual replacement of brake pads (2x so far), frequent oil changes, tires, etc.

Some of these repairs are just simply due to the age of the vehicle and are expected but they are repairs nonetheless. The retractable antenna is also not able to retract completely.

The body is still in great shape with no notable rusts except the hood is starting to rust due to some highway driving. I'm looking to repaint it if the price is reasonable.

The only complaint I have is the slow acceleration of the vehicle. While I don't expect race car acceleration, like my 90 CRX, it is very sluggish when going off the line. Fortunately, Nissan fixed this issue since the 98 Pathfinder. The 98's and beyond has a bigger engine (240compared to 170) and the acceleration has improved.

The engine, in general, has been more than adequate to handle city commute on a daily basis. Don't skimp on the frequency of oil changes as it'll come back and bite you in the end with costly repair bills. I do oil changes on the vehicle semi-annually to avoid any problems. $120 per year for oil changes is better than $1000+ every few years for your engine. Besides, once the damage is done, your engine will never be the same again even after repairs. Treat your Pathfinder like a lady and you'll be rewarded. The height of this vehicle also makes it versatile enough to hop the curb without damaging the suspension or the body to navigate tight turning radius's in the city, and it's also great on dirt roads for those camping trips.

This is one of the best cars I've owned. I've owned a Honda (for 16 year) and Toyota (for 6 year) before this vehicle. I love this vehicle for its comfort and cargo capacity. There's room for kids and the dog. Tons of storage for road trips. Handles well for a large vehicle. Decent gas mileage considering my heavy foot. I would definitely get another Nissan and recommend others to do so.