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1996 Nissan Pathfinder (2 Reviews)
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Bought my 1996 LE used with 39K miles. It now has over 340K miles and just cracked the left exhaust mainfold. $500 one day repair job but still better than a car payment. Replaced the transmission with a used 1997 model ($ 1000.00) at the 260K point. This has been the best car I have ever owned.
It has always had Mobil One Synthetic and OEM oil filters. I highly recommend this to others.
I am looking for another used 96 - 2000 for a second car. I have literally run this one all over the US. 340K is only 20K short of driving to the moon or 85 times around the equator.
Overall, I have been happy with my Nissan Pathfinder for the last 12 plus years I've had it. Given it has ~190k miles on it it still runs as well as it did when I first got it. The only parts I have changed have been O2 censors, timing belt, starter, battery, and water pump - due to the parts nearing the end of their life expectancy. The core engine (drive train, A/C, radiator, etc) are still the original and running well.

There are only two things that I'd prefer would have been better with my truck.

1) Engine horsepower. This was the first model of the pathfinder with a unibody and they retained the older version of the engine with only 176 hp versus the 200 plus it has now. Though I've rarely needed to pull something heavy the extra hp would have helped going up the steep lake tahoe roads with 5 adults and tons of luggage.

2) Outside noise. At top speeds the wind noise going by the driver side window gets a bit annoying. I've gotten use to it but often times people who drive my truck for the first time comment about it.

I think Nissan Pathfinder was one of the better made SUVs in the market at its time.