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1990 Nissan Pathfinder (4 Reviews)
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I purchased this vehicle in 1990 not knowing what I was in for. Being in the marines I traveled all over the country in my truck and back. today it has 235,000 miles on it and it'ss still going strong. The body is showing a bit worn but it still holds up well. I just incountered my 1st major issue with accelerating and it's sputtering. What ever it is I will get it fix because it has to be cheaper than buying another one, unless I can find another 1990. This was a great year for the Pathfinder. What ever Nissan did back then they need to do it again.
I have owned my 1990 Nissan Pahtfinder SE v6 5spd 4x4 since I purchased it used in 98. It had 65k when I bought it. This Pathfinder looked and drove as If it had just come off the showroom floor when I purchased it.
The lady I purchased it from bought it new and constantly kept it garaged. All maintenance had been done at the dealership she purchased from and on schedule. The only repairs made were brakes, tires, tune up, oil/fluid and filter changes- (recommended maintenance).

Since I've had it all I've done is regular maintenance, a muffler, tires, tune-up, battery, 4 wheel alignment, wiper blades and a high beam bulb.
The engine, clutch, tansmission, axles, differencials, transfer case, all the power windows, doors, electric mirrors front, rear wipers, A/C, defrosters, cassette/stereo,etc have always worked perfectly.

It now has 284,000 miles on it, has been all over this country and deep into Guerro Mexico and back. I drive it 70 miles round trip everday to and from work, and on very rare occasions I've needed to push it above 90 MPH on the freeway to keep from getting run over. It gets around 16 city 18 hwy with 4.88 gears. I try and keep the tachometer below 3500 RPM at all times (unless driving 90 miles an hour, which has only been very few times over the past year. I let it warm up to operating temps on frigid early mornings before placing a load on the engine (driving it). Every three months I do all day maintenance jobs on it-oil, filters, drain all gear cases and refill, flush radiator, whatever is needed.

Peole that know the Nissan can't believe how well it runs and handles. It stops on a dime, maneuvers in and out of rush hour trafic quickly with excellent response. This Pathfinder is "tight" in every way, absolutely no rattles, squeaks,or mushy handling in curves, or dips in the roads, even at higher speeds.
The only issue on this vehicle is rust on the left rocker panel and right and left 10 inch long panels behind the rear doors towards the rear wheel openings. The wheel wells aren't rusted, only the left rocker panel and the "ell" (L)panels just behind the rear doors. The rust is due to living in the salt belt where the roads are salted a couple months each winter.

I was a service manager for Buick-Gmc from 1986-1997 and had heard and read that Japan built their best Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans from 89 to 93 in trying to capture the American SUV and minivan market at least from 89-91. I don't know how true that is, although I did read it in several articles. That was the main reason I bought the 1990 Pathfinder.

I puchased a new Pathfinder in 2004. By the time it had 80k on it I had already replaced the automatic transmission and a new shortblock. After replacing the shortblock we sold it.
1987 nissan pathfinder 2dr v-6 automatic
does not have air cond..
added aftermarket cruise control
reliable approaching 200,000kms.
regular maintanance
travelled western canadian eastern seaboard states-side
now going thru second child..had suv since 6 months old...NO regrets
body showing rust...34 yrs old..still runs like a top
had sent letters to nissan about underpower of engine...other options which are on all today...)))
I bought my 1990 pathfinder XE 4x4 in 08 with 240k miles. it ran like a top then and runs great now with 320k miles. ive yet to spend a dime on it other then regular services, brakes and tires. i'ts a very solid truck and has a good ride. I'll drive it till the wheels fall off and then look for another.