2004 Nissan Murano Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Nissan Murano owners review and rate their 2004 Nissan Murano.

2004 Nissan Murano (3 Reviews)
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Over all a good car, Nissan and their Dealers are not to be trusted, 150k and no "major issues" here some past problems, Both wheel hubs went @80K, Replaced Radio/CD unit, poor desgin Cigarette lighter replaced twice, new brakes every 28k
I have had things go wrong with this car that I have never seen before. It is not reliable. As it gets old, things begin to fail or break.
Bought it because the comfortable seats, leg room in rear for my tall boys, and plenty of space in cargo area for beach chairs, coolers, sports equip, and such. Looks nice too. Only minor issues until local lube center put wrong tranny fluid and had to replace tranny. Fuel door wouldn't open and paid to fix that, not under warranty? Have the SE with leather seats, cheap leather. I have four tears, two on the exterior side of the front seats and two at the seam of the rear driver seat. Can't explain them. Power steering fluid started leaking, pressure hose replacement cost $550. Ride just recently became really, I mean really rough this year. Replaced front struts and rear shocks, no change. Still rougher than my husband's '98 Dodge P/U. I won't be buying another one.