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2013 Nissan Maxima (2 Reviews)
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I just finished my arbitration meeting with BBB auto line and Nissan arbitration specialists. If anyone is having their so called premium leathers seats ripping as you enter either seat please email me I lost the case because at this time my car is only 10 months old with a total of 3 repairs to the front driver's seat and passenger's seat, according to the lemon law, one has to have a total of 4 repairs with the same problem within a year and warranty is guaranteed. HOWEVER Nissan Corp. will not repair my front leather seats anymore. Nissan Corp. is telling me, I am ripping the seats as I enter the seat and because of my buttons on my rear pockets (jeans, shorts, etc). I have a white Nissan Maxima (2013), and tan leather seats ,listed price $38k with only 25 miles at time of delivery. With the first 1,596 miles, the seats started ripping (both front seats) then about 2207 miles, and now 3153 miles. I currently have 4050 miles and its only 10 months old. I do not drive this car daily and only 2 occasions someone used rear seats. (reason for low miles) If anyone out there, in any state having the same issues please e-mail - thanks for reading my story
I am leasing a 2013 Maxima SV - I absolutely love the car. I typically buy coupes and avoid pony/muscle cars because their size, bulk and higher insurance premiums. What impressed me with this car was it's handling, build quality and style. I do wish I got the NAV package and the SPORT package.

Many people will say lower priced cars are available with more standard options - and this is absolutely true. I can't believe I'd have to upgrade to the NAV package just for a better media interface, including touch-screen and blue tooth media streaming. $40k car and the memory seat settings were available, however, not included. My V6 EX-L Honda Accord, which cost $10k less included a telescoping steering wheel and memory seats.


Nissan was anything but cheap with his vehicle and that is evident as soon as you push the button (turn the key - there is no key!) and drive the car. The quality is top class and on-par with high end REAL luxury autos like BMW, M-benz, Infinity, etc. The car's engineering, design and quality is out of this world - and that's something that many people fail to consider or appreciate now that there are many cars that cost half the price that look just as nice and come standard with amenities that make people's head spin because they've never had them before.

Two quirks - and only two - about this car. The driver's left foot-rest is cheap vinyl - why not a solid block of hard rubber like Honda? The emergency/parking brake is foot activated - why not on the console or electric activated?

I'd buy another one - without even thinking - and I probably will. Next time it'll be FULLY loaded.