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2010 Nissan Maxima
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2010 Nissan Maxima
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By on 7/31/15 | Penfield, NY
Reliability Rating: (4.5/5)
I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with this car. I bought it in March of 2013 - it had just come off a lease with 28K miles and it was absolutely pristine!

This was my first NON-Ford or GM product, and, after reading stellar reviews about the 7th Gen Maximas, I had high hopes for my first ever Japanese label! Unfortunately, in very short order, I found myself experiencing more quality control issues than in my last 6 vehicles COMBINED!

The first thing I noticed was that the heated seats did not work AT ALL. After two trips to the dealer (which involved tearing out the seats and installing new heating elements,) it was discovered that there was a bad wiring harness that was not getting power to the seats. No need to tear out the seats AND scuff up the interior in the process, after all!

The car now has 42K miles on it - subsequent repairs included an erratic passenger side window (it stuck wide open, partially open and totally closed, and I never knew when I hit the switch if it would work or not. Dealer replaced the drivers side window switch (that didn't fix the erratic problem) took it back and they replaced both the passenger's side switch, and again the driver's side switch. Who knows what the problem is but the window has been working fine ever since.

Other service included acceleration issues for which I discovered there were two Nissan transmission service bulletins that applied only to the 2010 Maximas. I printed them and gave them to the dealer, who subsequently performed the major work (they had the car for 5 days but gave me a loaner.)

More issues: The LEDs in the mirror mounted turn signals have shorted out and just plain burned out - the dealer replaced one side while the car was under warranty, I am now ignoring the fact that the one on the driver's side has 2 leds that aren't lighting, as this happened after the 36 month warranty expired - I am told the entire mirror assembly has to be replaced at considerable cost. NICE DESIGN, NISSAN!

The day I was taking the car to the dealer for the transmission work, I decided to remove all of the CDs from the 6-disc changer since I knew they would have the car for at least a few days. Bingo - the disc changer suddenly lost its mind, and every time I tried to eject a disc, the changer decided to PLAY them instead! After much frustration and about 20 minutes, I managed to convince the changer that I was the boss, and I ultimately got all of the discs out, only to have the display flash randomly and incessantly. The dealer told me they had replaced the "entire unit" while it was in for the transmission work. Now that the car is out warranty by
a few months, three buttons on the "new" radio have quit working entirely, #3, #6 and "AUX" - meaning that I can't listen to the XM radio I am paying for. Vision Nissan does not seem inclined to show any compassion, but I am still working on that issue.

I also experienced problems with the front door actuators - any time below 30 degrees, I never knew if the doors would open (Or close) One night after getting into the car just fine, I couldn't get the driver door to close, so I drove 7 miles holding the drivers door closed with one hand and steering with the other! Another time when I was leaving a restaurant, I got into the car just fine when it was about zero degrees, drove 7 miles and then couldn't get either front door to open from the inside. I (at 65 years of age) had to climb into the back seat and exit the right rear door - in the dark, mind you. After I became highly "assertive", Nissan finally agreed to replace both front door actuators. It got warm shortly thereafter, so I have no idea what to expect this coming winter.

If the overall design and roadworthiness of this vehicle wasn't so exceptional, I would have parted with it long ago. I can tell you I will never buy another Nissan product as long as I live!

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