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2005 Nissan Maxima (8 Reviews)
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Don't know why paint on the whole top of our car has faded. The sides are fine but, the hood, trunk and roof is horrible.We live in the south and it doesn't get that cold. Someone help me understand.
I have nissan maxima 2005sl and at 89000 miles it started transmission problem at my mechnic gave me quote for $3000
i am really disappointed with nissan car and will never buy a nissan
car the company nows the problem and they are not willing to recall
so please before buying a nissan think 100 times bad ====bad car
I have a 2005 Nissan Maxima with 195,000 miles and on its 4th set of tires. We purchased the car new, fully loaded and it is my 'office on wheels' and I have never been stranded yet in this car. Love this car and can't say enought about it. It was diagnosed this morning with catalytic converter problems and I'm thinking of having it repaired and keeping it. I also agree that Michelin are the best tires ...other tires were too noisy and didn't last. My only real complaint with the car is the turning radius...can't make close turns or you are making a 3 point turn around. But..I can't complain about this make/model.
I brought a NEW 2005 Nissan Max SL. The radio/CD player went out the first 3 months; Converter went out 87,000 miles; Transmission went out 85,000, motor mounts needed to be replaced; ABS system is BAD; Headlight wiring BAD; solenoid/ canister vacuum BAD. I am very upset with Nissan. I will NEVER buy another Nissan AGAIN.
very cute car. I will never buy another Nissan product. Not even a floor mat. reached 100,00 miles and everything began to break down excluding the tail lights. transmission out $3700 to replace, mounts (2 @ $585) belts, chains, and now the wheel bearing, really! at 50,000 miles break and rotor issues.OH did i mention the A/C hoes, I give up. OOOOO i forgot to mention watch out for the headlights, a replacement $300 easy. This is my first time paying off a car and I guess my last. I have read the comments regarding the the transmission. per nissan once you reach 100,000 miles transmission failure is bound to happen. the new rule of thumb for the 2011 model nissan has increased the mileage from 100,000 to 120,000, go figure. I am heading back to lexus, never had problems.
car has a lot of hesitation in town but drives real good on the hwy
rattle noise under the floor of the car and fumes eminating from the bottom of the car. dealer unable to correct problem til date
Best car I've ever owned! 75,000 on the clock, have only done oil changes and brakes front and rear, one set of tires. I average 22.5 mpg in town, and 28 mpg highway.To get the best fuel mileage use the sport shift mode. RPM Shift Points: 2,000 from 1st to 2nd, and about 2,750 in all other gears in town. The computer shifts much too early, causing the engine to "bog down" in town. There is no such problem at freeway speeds. My only complaint is that the suspension is a little firm at times, but the handling and performance more than make up for it. Best tires for this car are the Michelin AS Sport Plus, excellent wet and dry traction and much quieter than the stock tires.