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2002 Nissan Maxima (10 Reviews)
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Love the car. I did put money in few repairs replacing pre cats,brakes and transmission problem. At this time the car is running fine still worried about other things breaking at least it's reliable after got it back in 2012 love car performance and exterior looks. So far rides smooth while it's loaded to the max with available options ever in this car.
I love this car its the best ever. Don't take car well it won't take care of you. Purchased my 02 Maxima SE back in mid 2011 with 87k miles driven at least another 30,000 miles this car runs well. Paid off so I'm happy with this vehicle so beautiful in and out its more than in excellent condition planning drive for 200,000 miles has every available option on SE version got with Maxima loving it.
I bought an 02 Maxima with 59,000 miles, it's now at 81,000 miles and my experience ranks somewhere between nightmare and lemon. Everything is falling apart, it constantly needs work done on it. Now it has an engine knock and needs a new wheel mount. I'll never buy another Nissan for as long as I live, no car should need so much work done before the 100,000 mile mark has been reached.
I have an 02 Maxima and it have been a very reliable car for nine years. Since I change oil every 5000 miles (synthetic)the engine is still in great shape. I have 155000 miles ans still going strong.
i have a 2002 nissan maxima gle 3.5 i put new starter and still same thing is happen the starter turn but eng dose not turn i dont no if maybe fly wheel is bad
totally sucks. dont fall prey for the nice options this car has. it has the worst ride quality and horrible reliability
This car will perform better than you dreamed with excellent care
This is awesome car
Love my 2002 GLE. Smooth as silk, very reliable and quick as a scalded cat. Turning radius is poor though and with torque steer considered this baby is more of a cruiser than a hot rod. Will handle high speeds on good roads with an ease perhaps too attractive if you know what I mean.
Love this car!! Made to run forever. Not one problem in 7 years.