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1997 Nissan Maxima (6 Reviews)
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had since 1999....wife's cars..... best auto I ever purchased .....engine purrs like new....only 110, major problem until recently though body
hasnt held up as well as rest of car......recent problem with battery.........something seems to drain it when not in use for couple of hrs wont start without quick boost from power pack.......have all accessories before jump but not enough power to start....replaced battery same thing...maybe cables ?......
AAA tech says charging system checks out ok needs about $4000 of rust repair and paint still awesome... may keep
Bought a 5-speed GXE new. Have 195K tough, New England miles on it. Things started to go at 115K miles. Replaced CV axles, starter twice, alternator, shocks and struts, transmission, brake rotors, lower control arms, a couple other suspension parts, and now need corroded frame under radiator repaired. My mechanic will charge only $500 for the job. Needs a little rear side panel bodywork, but not a big deal at this stage. Once repaired, it should feel like new for at least 50k miles. Still glad I bought it. Almost time for a new car.
2nd owner of car. Owned it from 50-140K miles
lots of issues. Grinding noises on turning needed suspension work, 2 alternators, couple of batteries, windshield wiper spray motor, bose stereo buttons broke off and cd stopped working (but did sound great when it worked), a/c never worked extremely well, radiator replaced at 90K, struts and shocks at 100K, intake manifold sparkplug boots replaced (oil in spark plug cavity) 120K, finally traded it in when i got a check engine light, misfire, due to one cylinder pressure low. Would not recommend buying one. Not reliable enough.
Best car i've ever own. I owned it for 9 years and a half and had 270 000 km on it. I have the 5 speed manual version, i was and i am yet pretty hard on the car and is still do the job. NO PROBLEM with this car. Just check the cross member under the radiator, it tend to break in the middle with the rust.
Good car, only complaint is I've had to replace the starter 3 times.
Engine power best attribute. Electrical, suspension Struts, hood struts and exterior paint wear need improvements.******************************************