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1995 Nissan Maxima (2 Reviews)
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bought this car for my son. He had it since January 2011 with 83,000 miles now driven it through the ground in the last 4 years purchase. The maintenance wasn't bad plus oil changes were very cheap though car was showing some wear and tear bought it in Pennsylvania off craigslist from a lady who got second handed from the previous owner who had since new. Overall it's a very reliable car now my son sold it got an 2010 model he loves even more with all of the upgrades compared to his 1995 version. I believe could trust Nissan vehicles within last couple of years my son have had his Maxima never gave him a problem he has driven that car from Michigan to Arizona put over 234,000 miles didn't leave him stranded driving long trips. The mechanic who I used to let serviced it said that car had lots of life wouldn't breakdown at anytime sense these are great cars last told by mechanic. Which I saw that when buying my son a 1995 Maxima with low miles it was the best car I have ever bought he drove it to death but never one time stopped on him. I'd recommend a Maxima any day.
my son inherited this car so I don't know alot about it. he has been driving it for about 1 year. recently we have had alot of problems. check engine light still on taking it in for repairs again! I feel like this will be a great little car once we get the kinks out