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2011 Nissan JUKE (4 Reviews)
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Don't trust me that this car has problems, just look at the recalls. This is a short term vehicle, don't expect longevity.
Way over priced, but hey go drive one it's a real kick in the pants fun thing. These over sized key things for all Nissans are a real pain for a man cause if you make any movement with these FOB's in you pocket the alarm goes off. Should called these SOB's. Oh when the battery dies in the FOB guess what pushbutton start is like what the heck to do now. Key hidden in FOB is for door locks only. From day one have had missing, backfiring, and pinging in engine. I have been thru the timing chain failure with a Lincoln so I suspected it was timing chain. Am almost sure dealer & Nissan were aware of problem but hoping it would go away. But now the recall has came to replace timing chain, thank you Nissan. If you have replaced your timing chain, Nissan says you could possible get reimbursed. Also, there are a couple other recalls something related to turbo charger and something about seatbelt. There are a lot of extra no good whimsical displays about the engine and gas usage that serve no purpose, Nissan just make the A/C and heat a dual simple thing and cut out the BS. The car is right snappy to drive but requires premium gas and lots of it. It's kind of like the Titanic and was launched before the float test. I am a big Nissan fan and agree with a review that I read about Nissan really missed their mark with the Juke. However, the proof and the truth comes out and Nissan is hopefully soon going to taking the full bitter pill of responsibility for these failures. Thanks again Nissan for what you have done and are probably going to do. The hood has always felt like it's going to fly off the car, the hood and door hinges are cheap weak crap. Hood popper and gas door opener are dangerously close, another major flaw. I loaned out the car one day and the person thought they opened gas door but popped hood. One mile down road with hood unleashed and unnoticed the hood flew back over windshield and self destructed. Come on now Nissan get this hood latch safety problem on the recall list before someone is hurt. I know Nissan could have classed up the Juke a bit more with a console and not such cheapo looking plastic crap, but that's just good ole car business greed. The sun visors are cheap and don't cover the windshield, come on Nissan install good double sun visors. Another major driving irritant is those raised lights on the hood shine the sun directly back into your eyes. Nissan please fix these things and make the motor to purr on regular gas like the Altima. I am on my way to trade out this frog eyed critter and get myself a Toyota RAV4, no more buying these first on the market untested unreliable newbies.
I have a nissan juke 2011 and this car is a dream, no problem and no garage. do not trust people that say that they have a lot of problems with this car. This is a Nissan and Nissan do not have any problemS!!!!
The biggest mistake I made was buying the 2011 Juke SV FWD CVT transmission new off the lot. The first year the car worked well. Month 13 is when all the issues started:

In the last 13 months:
Computer replaced twice
Driver side wipper mount & moter replacement
repair tracking control system
New battery
Timing Chain Replacement for engine ticking)
Fuel injector replacement (hard start issue)
Air Coditioning issue - not fixed yet
Hard Start Issue - still not fixed after 14months
Spent last 13 day in for repair...
6 months of Warrenty left
Currently driving a rental ...
The Juke is really a fun car to drive. It does not get the gas mileage that is advertised, and be aware that it requires PREMIUM gasoline due to the turbo. That said, it is worth it to have such a peppy car that is a blast to drive and room to haul lots of whatever you may have to carry around.