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2011 Nissan Frontier owners review and rate their 2011 Nissan Frontier.

2011 Nissan Frontier (2 Reviews)
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My biggest complaint is the brakes. Poor brake design, and this has been a problem for years and remains unchanged. The brake pads are safe, but they squeal like pigs running for their lives. The problem is that when any small amount of dirt gets on the brakes they start squealing. Other manufacturers do NOT have this problem.
Heater blows way too much hot air in your face, and nowhere near enough at your feet regardless of how you set the controls.
It seems like something has to be wrong, but dealership demonstrated that all Frontiers and Xterras have the same characteristic.
It is absolutely awful in cold weather. I very much regret buying a Frontier and I am starting to think all Nissans are trouble waiting to happen. Look up the transmission / radiator debacle for instance.