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2010 Nissan Frontier (1 Review)
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My 2010 Frontier started loosing it's luster two years after I purchased it. Last year I noticed oxidation around the doors on both sides. I had purchased the extended warranty so I figured it was covered. WRONG! They said the paint job is only good for 3 years and not covered under the extended warranty. Being a long time customer they called Nissan and decided they would only cover part or half of the cost. I had it done and this year I noticed the same oxidation on the hood and top. Took it back to the dealer and this time they told me I'd have to call Nissan myself. Well my answer was quick when they said they weren't covering anything this time. The vehicle is less than 5 yrs (still paying on it) and only 27000 miles. I figure I'll keep it the remaining 2 years I have left on the extended warranty. Hopefully if it breaks it will be covered.