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2005 Nissan Frontier owners review and rate their 2005 Nissan Frontier.

2005 Nissan Frontier (1 Review)
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Yay - It's a good truck, but not a great truck. It rides good, especially for a 4WD, rides quiet, no road noise, no body noises (squeaks & rattles) dash controls & accessories are convenient - I like the handbrake & seat controls - exterior paint & chrome all well done (a washing makes it look like new), lo-range 4WD will move mountains, cabin comfortable for four on short trips (3 hrs), Fuse boxes easily accessible (though I question the need to divide them into three separate boxes), good rear view visibility, A/C works great (but keep those cabin air filters clean)

Truck is driven gently, 22,775 miles (one driver), and is always garaged.

Nay - Some stamped metal body parts that were not painted, should have been painted.- the truck bed tie down system is absolutely ridiculous (bring back the open hooks) engine often races excessively on cold start - transmission shift cable broke (22,775 miles), windshield washer holding tank began leaking at 15,000 miles (cracked at seam), averages only 12 mpg, tailgate exterior surface dents far too easily (needs inner rib supports), owner's manual kind of useless unless one is into child-seats, a wrench is required to check transmission fluid level.

Finally, in this age of hi-tech miniaturization - everything is being made smaller - except engine components on vehicles. Is it really necessary to use up every available cubic inch of space under the hood for big air filters and EV stuff? I wish Mfgr's would MINIATURIZE . . . !