2003 Nissan Frontier Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Nissan Frontier owners review and rate their 2003 Nissan Frontier.

2003 Nissan Frontier (3 Reviews)
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great little truck . wish the US would allow the diesal model to be imported .
Not real happy with this one, too many leaks on a/c unit and hoses, dont think i will buy another Nissan
I have 101,000 miles on my frontier. I still have the original battery and for the most part, the only real problem I have had is the check engine light. I have had the EGR cleaned out at about every 10K. I preform most maintenance myself and found the truck easy to work on. During my last visual inspection I do see the need for suspension parts.
This is my 2nd Nissan pick up in 20 years. The first one lasted 14 years with 153k before being totaled in an accident. I had pretty much the same luck with the first truck as I have had with this truck.
I would buy another frontier and would recommend it to a friend.