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2002 Nissan Frontier (3 Reviews)
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I'm the original owner of my 02 Frontier. It has over 217,000 miles. I've been very happy with it. My biggest issues are with the cooling system - I'm about to replace the water pump for the THIRD time in as many years! (not sure what's up with that) And also the brakes. Any time I need to brake and happen to be going over a bump or rough patch of road, the brakes shimmmie and grind and don't feel at all stable. Luckily there have been no consequences from this so far. But, the 3.2 engine is still real strong, takes me many places, and fast!
I had an intermittent starting problem. Replaced the starter and checked the starter system. Nothing could be found. I noticed that when it would not start, if I would move the gear shifter without changing gears, it would then start up immediately. The culprit turned out to be a bad park / neutral safety switch. Replaced it and problem solved.
My 2002 Frontier Crew Cab has 91,000 miles on it. It has been flawless except for the electric mirrors, which frequently suffer from gear binding when you try to adjust them. Thankfully if I just reverse direction and then go back the other way, it clears itself every time. It has been one of the most reliable and dependable vehicles of the 12 or 13 I have owned in my life. Nice job Nissan - ya got it right on this one!