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2012 Nissan Armada (1 Review)
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Our Armada has been a great vehicle until today when my wife was driving it to work and started hearing a clicking noise and then all of a sudden the back tires locked up and skidded, bringing her to a stop. She pulled off the freeway and the vehicle was not wanting to drive. She pulled into a gas station and waited for me to get there and discover that the emergency brake cable had somehow been pulled out and wrapped all the way around cv axle on left side and then pulled cv axle out. I have two other friends this has happened to their Armadas also. The dealer said they have never seen it before but I have talked to a few people who work for Nissan dealers and they say it is happening more and more, I believe it should be a recall for the design but they are acting as if it is a very rare situation. The dealership is now telling me it is not covered under warranty, even though I have 60,000 mile power train warranty it is not power train related they say. This is where my 100,000 mile bumper to bumper extended warranty should kick in but they have to send an adjuster that cannot come out until Friday, today is Monday, so I am without a vehicle until they can make a decision if it should be covered. I guess with Tim Dahle Nissan out of Sandy, Utah they do not have to provide a loaner car until they decide if your vehicle is their responsibility to fix even though it is a Nissan warranty and they sold me the extended warranty directly through the dealership, good thing I spent the extra $6500.00 for nothing.