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2012 Nissan Altima owners review and rate their 2012 Nissan Altima.

2012 Nissan Altima (6 Reviews)
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my 2012 2.5s has been a great car.36,000 mi. and not one mechanical problem.plenty of pickup,rides great but,as mentioned, doesn't like cross winds. my only complaint is the paint on black hood is chipping alot even with several coats of mothers wax.can'rate the paint highly. otherwise,love the car.
This will make the 2nd Nissan I owned a Sentra never had any mechanical problems. We purchased the Altima in September 2012 has 48K miles its an nice looking car to say its the 2.5s Limited Edition drives good. Gets 32mpg highway has couple features very comfortable audio sounds great no we don't have the (Bose) but seems that way. The Altima very roomy has lots of spacious with my husband being 6'2'' he is comfortable in driver's seat. It handles perfect plus snows in the Midwest this car VDC/TCS helps drive through snow with slipping or going off the road. Love our Altima think its a cute car looking sporty with rr spoiler and fog lights that were available runs like new. I highly recommend this car very reliable and economical was built to last my last Nissan was a 1998 Sentra never gave us a problem this Altima is a good car.
Probably several thousand dollars overpriced but aren't all cards. I would say it's one of the best cars ever owned and ride is excellent on a good set of tires. Regular gas is what it drinks, so that's a money saver. Seats seem a bit too stiff and V4 engine power at low speeds seems almost dead. Great on gas and once on 70 mph its a grand cruiser. You want be racing any one in this car, if you want Haul Arse speed opt for the V6. I had the 2 door coupe V6 Altima before and the HA factor is amazing. V6 will need premium gas not to ping. On both cars, ground effects can be caught on the parking blocks.
Have had this car for one yr now (2.5), just took it on a 6 hr trip with 5 people,luggage,etc. Car was flawless, drove 360 miles on less than one tank of gas! Very respectable, especially with all the added weight.
The 2012 20th anniversay edition is The Best car on the midsize sedan market today. Value second to none. Suspension could be upgraded.
Nice car for the money, Does'nt like cross winds of 30mph plus.