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2010 Nissan Altima (3 Reviews)
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is there is any need to change the timing chain my car walk 60000 km
Driving home yesterday, as folks sometimes do, I had my hand resting on the spoke of the steering wheel as I turned it. Much to my surprise, and pain, I found the tip of my finger pinched in a screw hole recess in the steering wheel mount. This could have been avoided, of course, had I not done as I have done for over 40 years and rested my hand on the spoke of the steering wheel of the car I happen to be driving. It could also have been avoided by Nissan simply putting a plug in the screw hole recess. As it turned out, I was able to quick turn the wheel and release my finger before I lost the finger tip. Please do not misunderstand. In may ways, the 2010 Altima is a fine car. It offers adequate power for city driving, and excellent passing acceleration on the highway. Its interior is well appointed even at base level. And, the body fit and finish is good. However, it does have a problem with the starter button interlock sometimes malfunctioning without warning or explanation and preventing a start of the car. And, the brakes have begun to squeal at just over 26k miles. The A/C vents in the center dash cannot be closed. The windshield wipers insist on sweeping even when off after the driver applies washer fluid, which keeps the fluid from soaking into bug smears. But, almost losing my finger tip was a real surprise, and has really lessened my pleasure in owning this auto.
Great mid-sized car giving exceptional fuel mileage. Great styling with plenty of creature comforts. Excellent 360 degree visability through windows. Seats are very comfortable for large passengers (I am 6'0" and 285 lbs). Comfortable ride, but a ride comfort is highly dependent on tires (I replaced OEM Goodyear tires with new Firestones). Vehicle does not handle well in high crosswinds at highway speeds. Needs sturdier suspension.