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2008 Nissan Altima (6 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2008 Altima in June of 2008. This car is much like any other car, you take care of it, it will take care of you. The car has ~120,000 miles on it now and still drives like new. I change the oil every 3000 miles and have maintenance completed as the manufacturer recommends.

The only mechanical problem I had with the car was with one of the master calibers. Fortunately the part was covered by warranty and cost me nothing to repair. The part failed at about 60,000 miles. The dealer I use is excellent "Lee's Summit" Nissan. I would have no qualms with purchasing a Nissan again. This car is a great car and I plan to drive it until it can go no more.
65,000 miles on the car..mostly highway driving in its car life. Just replaced tires at 63K, triet to stretch the origional conti tires to 70,000 but not quite. Ifnition stop switch bad at 38,000 miles, I hear this is a common problem. Habe a 4 dr. and the rear weather striping has been bad t/o the life of the vehicle, the center glove box is loose and had benn since 35, 000 miles. Hgwy gas mileage is 32 plus and combined usually 0ver 25 mpg up to 29 mpg. Hoping to get reliability from here to 200K miles...hope that's not a pipe dream, as its my first Nissan experience. Oil has been changed every 3-6.5 K miles and will continue on this schedule, bassically by season and not milage. Oh, yes Serpentine Belt at 62,000 mi. and it needed replcing w/divots missing and dry rot cracking noted on origional belt. Hope timing belt does well.
Really loving this car! A wonderful, comfortable ride, and absolutely amazing mpg!
I would like to know why my 2008 Altima , gayge might read range 200 miles and I drive 5 miles and it then reads 185 does that make sense?
This car has such potential. I do a lot of highway driving with this car in all weather conditions since I live in the North East, New York City, and went to school in south western ohio. A 670 mile trip each way. While the car is a dream on the highway averaging over 30 MPG at an average of 75-85 MPH and is extremely smooth, there are some problems with the design of the car. At some point during the winter, a rock flew through my unprotected AC condensor at the front of the car. This is not under warranty for some reason, even though almost all other vehicles have their intercooler/AC condensers protected by a metal mesh. Since my AC has broken, I have driven from Cincinatti to Tennessee, Chicago, Cleveland, New Jersey and so on in the 90+ degree heat. I did some research and the part is only $135, but 2 Nissan dealerships want to charge me upwards of $500. While I understand that the part is not under warranty, atleast cut me a break. Even $100 dollars would help and instead of telling everyone not to buy or lease any Nissan, I would still reccommend the car to others. Now, I refuse to EVER own another Nissan. All one dealer had to do was help me out a bit and that 370z, the z being the car I have wanted for 7 years already (I wanted a 350z until the 370 came out.) would be purchased through them. Now that 370 will be a Mustang GT.

Poor customer service and a design flaw which dealers refuse to acknowledge makes an otherwise great car an easy pass. There is to much competition in the $20k 4 door sedans to have even a minor flaw. Get a Ford tarus.
Hi Guys.

I bought 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S with sunroof in 2007 October.
The car is good but has given me alot of problems..

50K the gearbox CVT gave up on me
then the strut front kit.
then the sunroof assembly was changed twice
Speedometer has been changed once becus of faulty handbrake sing and its LED speedometer so u cant even change single bulb.

The steering started making squeeking sound while turning, so the company changed steering rack.

Basically if you ask me, the car when you hit gas, it sounds like a LOUD FOOD GRINDER because of the CVT transmission.. ONE SAME PITCH till car reaches 200km/hr. lol

Also the interior they said it wood finished.. but when i recieved the car, i saw these little tiny places where wood finishing it, doors and little bit of dash.. and i was like "what the... thats all?!! "

HONDA has better wood finishing from inside.

Neways, i wouldnt buy Nissan Altima again...
It has given be loads of problems...