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2007 Nissan Altima (5 Reviews)
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I have owned 2 Sentra's and now an Altima(2.5S Tn usa CVT trans 132k miles 23 mpg). By far the worst has been the Altima. The driver seat and seat position are most uncomfortable, (I am avg build 6ft) Tint band on windsheild is dangerous at night as it is so dark, it is hard to see out. Seat has manual adjust and is extremely hard along edges. Steering, although sporty is neutral and can lead to handling problems quickly if you are not constantly attentive. Reliability has been much worse than either older Sentra. Coil packs, motor mounts,fan blower motor,rear sway bar. CVT transmission is okay so far but I wonder based on other reviews. More inside room and better fuel mileage with Sentra's(1996 Tn 1.8Gte 5 speed 38-42 mpg 300k miles) (2001Mexico 1.8 auto 200k miles 30-35 mpg). I have had my last Nissan product.
Updating another review of my 2007 Nissan Altima. This is far the best car I have ever owned at now 103,000 miles notice took off a lower when out of town but became normal don't know if a CVT issue or a common problem otherwise I love my beautiful Altima SL. I finally got the 100,000 mile schedule maintenance and changed spark plugs so car can last me a while. It is still comfortable and has an impressive sound system includes Bose sound and navigation system. This car feels more like a luxurious car I like the styling better on this model than the newer Altima's. It gets good gas mileage average 30 mpg with 4 cylinder has agile handling and purrs every time taking off its a equipped car in great condition no problems at this time. I am planning to drive this car until all four wheels comes off. Believe that this car has lots of life left in her she is a beauty and my best friend. Thank God blessing me with a great dependable car I bought in June 2007 when 18 years of age now am 25 still own this workhorse. I did get minor repairs done so far have all records proving on getting nothing but low maintenance on this car. Overall hope this car can make to 200,000 miles without no issues as long it's well maintained have nothing to complain about it. These cars are the best ever hope mines last me until next 15 years Pray to God at this time 7 years old a reliable car I have ever owned.

I owned my most reliable and well built 2007 Altima 2.5 SL since June 2007. The dealership i purchased my little six year old daughter from Leglue Nissan in Alexandria LA was a great experienced still own this car. This is my baby i love this car with all my heart don't know what i do without her. Never had any problems at all thanks to God for letting it serve me well after six years i won't be getting another vehicle anytime soon after she looks like flintstone car and says Yeba Delba Doooooo!!!!!. This little Altima is comfortable and very smooth ride on the roads after six years still looks great just liked rode off assembly line. Done oil changes and maintenance at my dealer like supposed to serviced at still a great car with low mileage on odometer. Everything is easy to control from power/windows, doors, seats, mirrors. Its very sporty and very beautiful car i love love love my Altima this is my child for right she's part of the family and i hope she last me PRAY TO GOD much longer than my old 97 Altima or even longer. Nissan is a great car brand my cousin owned two from the 80s he never had one major problem out of his they been the best like ours now driving a 2012 Maxima its reliable too. Thanks Nissan that is why i love your product.
Just hit 125,000 miles, and I must admit I am very satisfied. The Altima was purchased used in 2008, don't remember the mileage at the time. We have had zero problems with this car. The only maintenance done has been fluid changes. The car operates flawlessly. Handling is starting to get a little on the sloppy side (going to be fixing that real soon.), but considering the mileage that makes sense. We have driven this vehicle all over the country and had no issues. Absolutely love the 2007 Nissan Altima.
this is the best altima 2.5sl i ever had faster than my 2004 altima 2.5sl more reliable more engine problem i hope far so good.