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2004 Nissan Altima (4 Reviews)
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Best car every made, bought it new in 2003 with 80 miles now 8 years later has 340,000 miles and still going strong. I am a commuter and drive this car approx an 1hr 1/2 each way 5 days a week. Only problem is some transmission slipping, but as long she cranks we're rolling. :) Love, Love this car....
Good overall running car with normal issues if you buy quality oils and Brake parts it lasts. Dealers are dealers, by now we know how to deal with them too.
Tested Mobil 1 5w30 syn and oil filter after every 10K. It was still all good for another 2k or more. Drain Transmission fluid one gal and replace, Transmission will run like butter forever. Buy or have installed quality Brake rotors and pads will go 35 to 45K vs the cheeper quality. Cold air intake got 1 mpg extra and only have to clean every 15K. Quality tires at 42 lbs gives me 31 to 33 mpg Hyw. only repalced 1 O2 sensor so far. Belts and anti-freez change keep water pump lubed and no noise from alternator at 50K. Must change plugs at 60K waited until 75K and it ran poorly for months, now it is smooth as when new. use NKG platnium
I just had a baby and I needed a new car. Something in a 4 door and fast!!! After doing extensive research and adding a few mods I had the ultimate sleeper. It was December 2003 and I went and bought my first new car, a 2004 Altima 3.5 SE. On the ride home I was very dissapointed with the handling so the very first thing I did was install heavy duty front & rear sway bars and that did the trick. And now it handles like it's on rails. Then came the mods. A cold air intake, an underdrive pulley and a down pipe. In total roughly $800 spent and installed everything myself. Whenever my child wasn't in the car I was racing everyone and wound up beating the snot out of the car for 2 years finally blowing the transmission at 22K. Switched the intake back to the stock one and ran it through warranty no problem. After all the abuse the car is still all original otherwise with 155K. I do all tghe work myself in my driveway and here's a list of what I did and what went wrong with the car. The drivers side window regulator went bad, got one at the boneyard for $100 and put that in. Did the brakes roughly every 40K costing $150 rotors and all. Oil is changed every 3K of course. Had the winshield replaced 3 times costing $175. And just recently replaced the mesh pipe in the exaust costing $50. I haven't done any other maintainence other than an air filter twice. The car still runs strong but a major problem is starting to develop. When I bought the car a was happy to learn that it had a steel timing chain instead of a belt that had to be changed every 60K. The rails that guide the chain are worn down to metal and the timing chain is jingilling away making a ton of rattalling noise. The replacement parts alone total around $650 and the labor is intensive and I'm probably looking at $400-$500 in labor using a friend. I won't let myself put this kind of money into a motor that has 155K on it so I planned the next big thing. I called my junkyard friend who had a motor with 94K and he wanted $400 for it. Sold!!! They're storing it for me till I need it. So now it's 200K or bust jingilling all the way! Let's just hope I'm not to far away from home if the chain lets loose. However to this point I'm still very very happy with my Altima.
Nice car over all.