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2003 Nissan Altima (7 Reviews)
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03 Nissan Altima- 83,000 Runs Rough Missfireing Replace Plugs Coils, 87,000 Catalytic Converter Failure substrate goes into engine replace cat. Car begens to burn oil eventualy a quart and a half a week. Dealer adv bad engine miss fire bad cat blown head gasket. I had alway compained the car let in to much heat from the engine compartment as if the heater was on when vent fan was used nissan said its was exceptable. They covered up a poorly design engine that ran hot eventualy leading to head gasket failure wich weakenes the catalytic converter eventually causing its failure and the exhaust design allows the engine killings material go flow back into the engine and destroy it from the inside. Nissan adv the dealers if catfailure replace engine. If your out of warranty they aint doing nothing for you, 6k later new engine just turned 70k on replacement engine its starting to run rough and consume collant. Cranks sensors failing, AC hose leaks every problem with this car is a known issue and Nissan just let the consumer suffer and sucked major money out of us to maintain what is a poor investment of a car, Shame on Nissan.. thats why you dont see this model year on the streets its just reached 10yrs old and there all dead already I would not invest in any nissan again. Cant trust there engineers to make good decisions to not pass along substandard designs in parts and engine systems. I almost lost my job and had to take a personal loan to replace the engine when nissan refused to help in any way. Shame on you!
2003 Altima 3.5L SE V6 - catalytic converter went out at about 100K and got sucked up into engine resulting in later engine failure. Cost $7K to replace engine. This is common with the 2.5 4-banger so what happened to me? Also, before engine began to fail I had a rattling noise in the engine which turned out to be the timing belt tensioner. I wasted $2K getting this repaired on what later became a failed engine. Why didn't Nissan notice failed engine when working on tensioner?
inherited my 2003 2.5 altima with 30k on it. one of my sensors went bad at about 57k. other than that there were no other problems. this car has good power, even off the line, for a four cylindar. it handles extremely well,feels solid, and has very a good braking distance. the interior is roomy and comfortable.the exterior is pleasing to the eyes,looking more german than japanese in its styling. So, far I love this car.
This car has worked amazingly well with minimal maintenance and I just love my car. The only thing is that the car gets between 20-24 miles to the gallon.
Nissan is a lousy company when it comes to treatment of its customers and build of their product.
I have 2003 Altima with 90,000 miles.All the sensors are going bad or something the dealer told me. Replace the vec. sensor and the speed sensor and it is dtill messed up.I ws told now do the ECM and TCM whatever that is now. Will not buy another one!
Have been driving this beauty for five years and 100,000 miles. It has 133,000 miles now. Never gave me any major problems yet. I hope to drive this till it reaches 200,000. The only issue I have is the brakes wear of very easily (maybe because of my bad driving habits). I have been changing its oil on time and making sure all 30,000 services are done on time. Take care of this sucker and this sucker will take care of you!