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2002 Nissan Altima (7 Reviews)
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I purchased my Nissan Altima 2002 new in 2001 and now have 189563 miles. I have the 3.5L engine and once put 87 octane gas in the car. The car does not like any gas except for the 93 octane recommended. Never had any problems with this car until now. It runs great but stalls unexpectantly without warning.

I suspect one of the sensors on the vehicle is causing a hick-up in the main control computer that controls the vehicle.

Will take it to the local Nissan dealer tomorrow and have them take a look. the quality of the interior and exterior of this car is amazing after all these years. Sure feel I got my monies worth.
Our 2002 Altima was recently repaired for white smoke from exhaust - replaced the valve guides(1800$). After getting the car back we found the radiator was cracked at the top, but not before our daughter let it overheat. Repaired and cleaned the radiator. And realized we were 2 quarts low on oil after only 150 miles from the initial repair and oil change. Original mechanic put in a valve cleaner and said to run it about 500 miles. The car used 8 quarts of oil on that trip and black smoke started from exhaust. Now the mechanic says he gives up, can't figure what is wrong. Any ideas.
I've had my 2002 Nissan Altima for about 2 years now, and I haven't had any mechanical prob until now. I have been feeling bumpy vibration under my car, and then it shut off on me and all of the lights on my dash board came on. Someone told me it could be a bad fuel injector, then someone else told me that it could be that my timing chain needs to be replaced. I'm not sure of what it is, but i could use some input on this.
I had my 02 Nissan Altima for about a month and a half now and for some odd reason the battery light went on but the car still runs though. everything work but when i step on the gas it doesn't move at all. so i bought a battery figuring that will fix the problem but it didn't. So i called around a few places and they told me that it could be the fuel pump or the fuel injectors could be dirty or not working at all. AutoZone told me it could be the computer chip could have went out too. i dont know what it may be that would be my guess if something could be in the tank and the engine isn't getting enough gas to move at all. So please write me or comment about this story and tell me what you think the issue would be.
I bought my car at Nissan. Nissan altima 2002 located in newburgh ny 12550. The first day i took it home it smell like something burning. The check engine went on the second day. Nissan told me it was the gas tank being dirty thats why the light went on. They supposely fixed it. The next day the same thing engine light came on and Nissan said they will fix it. I picked up the vehicle no engine light for 2 weeks,then it happened again. I took my car back to Nissan and I told them to please take the car back and they said no. Ever since I have been just paying out of pocket thousands of dollars just to keep up with this vehicle. Someone from Nissan explain to me that the 2002 Nissan Altima engines from the year 2002 for these models were an experiment and that Nissan knows about it. Its a shame because I believe there are other people like myself out in the world with the 2002 Nissan Altima and have experience many problems with their car.
With 56000 miles on the odometer only repairs and complaint is on excessive brake wear and brake pads that insist on squealing even when newly replaced. Dealer insists squealing is normal.
The car has been good to me. I bought it Oct. 2001 as a brand new 2002. It has 195,000 miles and running well. Original exhaust. Just now having to put money into it other then maintenance. My last Altima (1996) had 240,000 miles on it before it died.