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1999 Nissan Altima owners review and rate their 1999 Nissan Altima.

1999 Nissan Altima (9 Reviews)
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we have a nissan altima car,american system,having a troubleshoot in the immobolizer,we are unable to program it,so how can we cancel its work?
My black GXE model has 245,000 miles and still going strong. Have recently replaced items such as inner and outer tie rod ends, lower control arms, cv joints and front struts but am confident I'll get another 100,000 miles out of her. Price of replacing parts is worth it. 27-28 miles per gallon. Strong 2.4 liter engine. I love this car!
Bought this 99 new ,now have 221,000 miles and very,very minor repair. 25-30 miles per gallion. Tough little car. Dealer said keep driving till the timing chain broke, said it had a truck engine in it from factory.
I got my 99 Altima from a auction 186,000 for 1400.00 runs excellent i had to replace the egr value $8.00 easy two screws only love this car
Bought new in Dec 1998. Have 153K miles on it. The only problem I had was alternator and brakes.
Bought my 1999 Altima in 2005 with 79,000 miles on it. The RH CV axle needed to be replaced when I bought it. Then the Mass Airflow Sensor ($350) went out at 95,000 miles. The Left Hand CV Joint went out at 100,000, and now the engine has developed a vacuum leak ($400 to repair)--even though it has the aluminum and not the flimsy plastic intake manifold. Plus, I only get 27-28 mpg on the freeway with moderate driving...

Nissans HAD a good reputation. I've owned a couple Datsun/Nissans in the past and they were decent, but this vehicle has really soured me on them.
My 1999 Altima "Kharisma" is the best, wouldnt trade her in for the world. I have 155k miles and she still going strong.No major work except changing the alternator and the starter, but with good maintenence and TLC and she will be around for a long time!!!
Have owned my Altima since it was new and it has proven to be a great car for the money. General repairs until this year when the car finally hit 100,000 miles and needed to change the struts and tie rod ends. Brakes have had problems periodically.
This car can go many miles with proper care.