1998 Nissan Altima Reviews and Owner Comments

1998 Nissan Altima owners review and rate their 1998 Nissan Altima.

1998 Nissan Altima (4 Reviews)
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love my Altima. got this car used in '03 now has 367,000 miles it is in great running condition. Gets good gas mileage no expensive repairs I did get 3 struts replaced and changed spark plugs twice. It is a good New England car does excellent in city driving very smooth handling believe last me another 60,000 miles as doing all low maintenance Nissan made an dependable ever in 1998 would highly recommend looking at this car being cheap to maintained.
Very Hard to pump gas in tank, it will kick back on your shoes, arms, ground etc. You have to pump gas Real Slow..I hate it. Even had a Mechanic try once and he couldn't do it. He doesn't know what it could be. I found someone in the neighborhood with the same car and the same problem.
great car well worth the price. Enjoying it. Giving to gtrandson as his first car. Will last years. The paint on spoiler is chipping. The rest of the car looks greate
My '98 Nissan has 160,000 miles. I get 28 - 33 MPG. The A/C blows hard and cold. This car just does not stop. I've only had one major repair in 7 years of owning it. I replaced the clutch. everything else has been minor. I love this car.