1995 Nissan Altima Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Nissan Altima owners review and rate their 1995 Nissan Altima.

1995 Nissan Altima (4 Reviews)
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I got this car in 2010 from a man who took great care of it I have GLE equipped model first bought had 145k now since drive commutes to Cincinnati has 240k very low maintenance requires. Have standard transmission seems as clutch getting weak but within past almost 5 years this car has never gave me a problem. Love wood grain dash panel includes digital climate control and CD/Cassette player factory keyless entry alarm. Overall believe this car might last me 400k doing scheduled maintenance plus tire rotations etc. Great dependable car I have ever owned.
1995 nissan altima losing power hard to steer make noise
my altima has 228k on it and runs near perfect too. the o nly problem is the transmission has a tendancy to shift hard when cold into second but other than that it still drives like a dream.
I purchased this car from someone that had not maintained it very well. I've spent well over $1000 already and have just started having serious issues with it idling and accelerating. Overall, I think it's a great, dependable car if you keep up with all the maintenance an older car requires.