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1994 Nissan Altima (5 Reviews)
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Good car looks bad but won't die. It originally have 296K miles reliable but vibrates and jerks a lot believe transmission giving out. I can't complain bought this car in March 1998 in Missouri see has lasting a long time I believe time comes want find a car like my 1994 Nissan Altima XE - Thank you Nissan!
how do i go by fixing the engine on my altima that has locked up i think...?
I am having issues with my car, I replaced distributor last year along with plugs and wires and fuel filter. Its been exactly one year and my car is having the same issues as last year except this year I checked all that has been replaced and none of it is bad. I am at a loss to whats wrong with my car, my husband seems to think its the transmission. I seem to think its the catalyst converter. It idles rough and acts like it wants to cut off as I am starting up to speed from stop lights or quick stops and start back to getting up to speed or going up hill. I need some advice or help. I haven't driven my car in a couple of days cause it just recently started smelling like it was running hot. ugh.
ANy suggestions its a 94 with only 85,000 miles my parents gave it to me several christmas ago I really need to keep it going. Nissan ALtima gxe automatic. thanks for any help you can give.
1994 Nissan Altima GLE - Love my car. Only major thing I've had to deal with, was replacing the alternator 2 years ago. had problems with power windows getting stuck and those were easily fixed. now am needing to get transmission flushed and refilled. Starting to experience sluggishness when shifting gears (automatic) and they jump when shifting to proper gear. Mostly when shifting into Drive. Feels like you're in 2nd gear and then shifts into Drive. Otherwise, keep oil changes on schedule and no probloems. Car has 70,000 miles on it Best car I've ever owned and would buy another.. .
solid cars exhaust aways a problem on nissan's they tend to rust out brakes wear quick too