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2004 Nissan 350Z (2 Reviews)
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I will NEVER buy another Nissan anything again. I bought this 350z convertible with 16k miles on it in 2005. With under 20k miles on it (thankful for warranty), I went through a recall on the tires and brakes, problems with the roof not going up/down, driver's side window motor going out. I kept the car as I don't want a large car payment and thought once those items were fixed, no more issues. Flash forward to just 60k miles, Bose amp goes out. Find out that you cannot put another amp to a Bose deck (I now hate Bose). Lucky to get amp fixed for $250 but took months to get part. At 80k, the deck will only play the radio and only one station. Has Japanese looking characters across screen. Options are to replace the whole system, or go without. Using IPOD via cassette to play music. At 90k miles, more problems. Nobody could figure out what was draining new battery. Car kept going dead after 48 hours. Figured out that SWITCH on passenger seat was jamming and causing motor seat to run all night when parked. Now I have to have that fixed as well. DO NOT BUY A Z, THEY ARE GARBAGE but nice to look at. Manufacturer does not stand behind their product and customer service people are rude as all get out.
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