2003 Mitsubishi Outlander Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander owners review and rate their 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander.

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander (8 Reviews)
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The car is very good. Baught it with 54k kilometers three years ago. Already at 120k kilometers. It has had several problems, specially with the clutch, time belt (have changed twice since I bought it) and several bushings. The A/C compressor has left me dry twice. However, it has been very faithful since whenever it has a problem, it has always got me home. At present, will have to check the left front axel and PTJ since the rubber cover split and has lost all the grease. Excellent engine. Has had minor glitches which I´d never had happen in other vehicles, but I can live with that.
I have 264K miles on mine. I had my first breakdown, on the road last summer. Water Pump. Amazing vehicle. Smooth ride, no rattle or shakes yet. 6 sets of tires, 2 radiator fans (squirrels chewed 1st replacement) The only issue is the heater switch and it just broke off a month ago. Need to fix that this spring. It's been the best car ever.
I bought my Mitsubishi Outlander with 39,000 miles on it from a dealer. It's one of the best vehicles I have ever owned and I've owned many. The only thing I had to replace aside from maintainence (Brakes, Tires) was the radiator. Other than that, it has 125,000 miles on it now. BUT the blower motor just stopped working. I have yet to see why. Checked all of the fuses and they are all good.
I bought the first generation of this model and have had it for 5.5 years and have not done anything beyond routine maintenance on it so far.
The best thing about my Outlander is the all wheel drive handling in the ice and snow. The body is cheap and was badly damged in hail storm where by Buick recived little noticable damage. The vehicle is developing bad rust underneith and is kept inside. The fuel econ stinks, the transmission is geared too low and the small engine is over worked. The best fuel econ is 24 mpg but you have to drive 45 mph, at 65 mph the engine runs over 3000 rpm. The vehicle has no power. The exhaust rusted off at about 50k miles, at least was replaced under warranty. The cooling fan module has been replaced three times under warranty. The ac condenser drain cloggs every 6 months. The temp contol has problem with the cable and door, which will require me removing the complete dash to repiar. The head lamp lenses are fogged up and will require replacement. Over all the vehicle stinks, but I love it every time it snows.
Just passed 100k miles and still running strong.
The only thing that has gone wrong is the air conditioning stopped working ( at 80k).
We have driven all over the place in many conditions from blazing heat of the desert to blistering cold of the mountains (at high altitude this baby out preformed our ford truck).
Off the line she is a bit slow, but she hits passing speeds rather well, and yes she does go over 100 mph.
We will be looking for another one of these as soon as this one weakens,... likely long before.
I have owned this car since it was new - nothing abnormal with regard to operations or service costs until 63,000 miles. Now, the rear suspension is bad and will cost a significant amount to repair including a new set of rear tires. This should not happen with an automobile with so few miles and that has been driven mostly on Interstate highways.
I've had a couple of problems with the rear suspension, but nothing really major. The vehicle delivers a smooth stable ride and handles very well. Its a dependable vehicle (hasn't stranded me yet!)and quite comfortable on road trips.