2004 Mitsubishi Galant Reviews and Owner Comments

2004 Mitsubishi Galant owners review and rate their 2004 Mitsubishi Galant.

2004 Mitsubishi Galant (4 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2004 Mitusbishi Galant ES brand new and I still have this vehicle. It has just turned 90,000miles and still has original Battery, as well as all engine parts, except for a new "Water Pump" was put in when I had the "Timing Belt" replaced, required at 60,000miles. Water Pump was still under warranty :).

Just getting ready to replace spark plugs, and air filters and 2 tires (air filters and brakes and tires have also been replaced in the past).

I love this car and will keep it until it doesn't run anymore and at that time, will replace with another Mitsubishi Galant, if available :).
Apart from some cosmetic defects inside, the Galant has been a very reliable car. No major problems and so far has not needed any repairs after four years. Some inconveniences include the texture of the steering wheel which can hurt when it rubs your skin, loose or poorly aligned finishing details, the driver seat is not comfortable for long trips, too much play with the steering.

The sound system is good, the AC is adequate, the trunk is cavernous, the suspension is nice-- not too bumpy and not too bouncy.
Have not had any serious problems with this car. Most repairs are affordable and it drives great; and I drive the heck out of cars.
I have a 2004 Galant that I purchased Certified Pre-Owned in 2005. I have not had any problems with it. It is my 4th Mitsubishi (3 Galants, 1 Montero); I love these cars; they have the greatest sound systems I have ever heard that come standard in a car. I've had no mechanical problems. I would recommend.