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2001 Mitsubishi Galant owners review and rate their 2001 Mitsubishi Galant.

2001 Mitsubishi Galant (6 Reviews)
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My Galant has an Issue with letting my backside Driver Seat up all the way, I can't sit back and Drive because the Seat will not let up. How can I address this?
I have one problem with my car and it has been parked up for a while because of this. The fuel fuse has only been blowing and i cant seem to find the problem, anyone know what could be wrong?? When i change the fuse, the car drives for about 15 -20 minutes and shuts of again. Plzzz help!!!
i love my '01 galant. i'm disappointed about my burgundy paint fading really bad n only recall was on black. i have 195k miles and i drive the sh out of cars. apparently, (as per mitsu mech) because i had another mechanic replace my engine balance and timing belts that i blew out getting on the freeway along with my crank sensor and sensor plate, that vibration caused my intake manifold to break off from the throttle body. saving to repair it cause i like it my car. driver side regulator's broke but i manage. strange sound from front passenger wheel when i go over speed bump. dunno what that is.
I bought my 2001 GTZ in 2003 with 19K on the odometer.
I like the car's styling and performance but...
Since I bought it I've done the following:
Replaced front brake rotors (they warp if the lug nuts are overtightened) and pads.
Had body repainted (Mitsu Black Paint Defect issue).
Had one O2 sensor and rear wheel bearing replaced.
Replaced side air bags TWICE (once under warranty).
Had Timing belt/water pump replaced (at recommended service interval)
Had transmission replaced (look up Mitsu F4A51 transmission wave/cushion spring failure).
Replaced plugs, plug wires, distributer rotor and cap (took 5 hours).
Had cv axle replaced (torn boot).
The car only has 74K on it and I don't drive it aggressively.
Granted some of the repairs are normal service items and
I did some of the work myself BUT....
Would I buy another one?
Not based on the paint issue and transmission failure.

bought this car for the wife brand new with 1 mile on it. now at 92,000 the only thing i've done is 2 batteries, brakes, plugs, cam positioning sensor, and 02 sensor. i,m a techician so i do all the work myself. I love this car. really good car.
I bought this car when it only had 20K miles. It has not left me stranded. I have replace what all cars need. It now has 126K miles and still going. I have changed the timing belt, water pump, hoses, belts, etc,just as required maintenace. I take car of this car and it takes care of me.