1993 Mitsubishi Expo Reviews and Owner Comments

1993 Mitsubishi Expo owners review and rate their 1993 Mitsubishi Expo.

1993 Mitsubishi Expo (2 Reviews)
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This car was given to me by my mother in law. It sat in the side yard for at least 3 years and had long blades of grass growing up thru the engine. I cleaned it up, put a new battery in it, cleared out the gas tank, put new gas in it and the car started right up. After about 2 months "She" had a lack of power. Found out "she" was running on 2 cylinders. I had the valves done with other stuff and you just can not believe how much power this little girl has. I can go thru our mountain ranges better than most cars on the higway. I have had to do more work on her but she is the BEST little car I've ever owned. I would replace the engine before I would give her up.
I am very pleased with this car. So much that I intend to have it restored in a near future. Except for the normal wear and tear, I do not consider to have any major expenses for maintenance. It is an excellent runner and gas saver. Mitsubishi should come up with its fourth generation of Chariots. I am a handicapped engineer and I've garaged my excellent 2006 Dodge Gran Caravan mobility van(26,000 miles)to drive this car. Today, 12/03/09, I found a 1994 (also from original owner/165k miles)and bought it just for keeps.I haven't had the chance to take a good look at it, but I know it needs some good TLC.