2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse owners review and rate their 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse (4 Reviews)
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Just about 170,000 miles on my GTS with 5 speed. Replaced the clutch once. Air conditioning once, body mount, brake pads and timing belt, spark plugs/wires. I've owned the car since 2003 so I consider this very low maintenance.

Overall excellent car. Drives well, good low end power with decent top end runout.

KYB AGX struts/shocks make a large improvement in handling for not too much money.

Paint is peeling now. Debating on getting it painted.
I cannot believe this car. It is one of those hidden jems people must keep to themselves. I purchased a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS (NERO) after my 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 CPE died on me after 245,000 miles. I loved that car and thought I would never fine another used car with that kind of reliablity. With little money available I came across this. Boy was I wrong. With 98000 miles on it and well maintained inside and out I could not believe how well it drove and good power. I am 6'7" tall, slim 262 lbs and I fit it fine. Only I drive it as my daily commuter so I do not care about the back seat issues. The turning radius is not the same as the Honda but not a big deal. I am a true driver. I do not care about the electronic goodies but I have to have music. The INJEN intake and the Ractive Muffler the previous owner put on it are a great add-on get it. I use 89 octane get 410 miles to a full tank you can do the math. My Honda got 415-420. I will improve the interior lighting and get a nice dash guage face other then that I am not changing anything except brakes and tires. I prefer quality tires & brakes just my personal taste. Hope this was helpful for used buyers looking for a good driver car.
had this car for 7 yrs. never had a problem. Daughter drives it now. good car, great gas mileage. make sure you buy good tires. it does have a lot of weight on the front
Great car. I agree w/ other reviews. Cheap interior poor turning radius. However, the car drives great and is powerful. Sporty and great-looking. I get tons of compliments.