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2009 Mini Cooper S (2 Reviews)
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We have a 2009 cooper S. 46k for miles. So far we have a thermostat issue and the tranny keeps popping out of 6th gear. The car uses oil but it seems as though this is what they do as I read more about these on the web. No leaks or smoke, just uses oil. Oh, and the oil light, well there isn't one. No gage or any indicator to let you know other then the click clack if the engine to let you know that you're about to blow your engine. The car is truly a piece of crap. Totally over engineered junk. If you are thinking of getting one... DON'T. Run away from the MINI dealer as fast as you can and never, NEVER look back.
Serious reliability issues. Knowing what we now know after owning two mini's I would never recommend this car to anyone. Latest issue is an overheat warning light that went on then off but apparently was not really off and caused the engine to melt down. Mini's answer to any warning lights is to pull over immediately no matter where you are. I would never let my wife or any young people drive this car given Mini's stance that if you do not stop immediately you have no warranty because it is now your fault. New car with 32K on it, failed water pump, clutch issue and an overheat resulting in a new engine not covered under warranty. First mini was brand new, replaced transmission and clutch with less than 5K miles on it, thought that was just because of a new model. Mini service is all dependent on your dealer.