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2006 Mini Cooper (2 Reviews)
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This is a really reliable car. It's not quite as reliable as the 2007, which was a major model upgrade and has much more BMW parts in it, but it's still a great car that doesn't spent much time in the repair shop. Compared to my Mazda MX6, it was more reliable.
Great car. Mine is a Cooper S with the JCW air intake/exhaust add-on. Fun to drive. Plenty of front seat legroom (and I'm 6'2"). Rear seat is usable in a pinch, even by me, if the person in front moves the seat up a bit.

The supercharged engine has plenty of pep. In fact, I used to have an early '80s Porsche 911 and this car is almost just as fun to drive as the Porsche! Just be careful of the terrific torque steer to the right when starting aggressively from a standing stop. This thing will squeal the tires in the first 3 gears without really trying.

So far, it's been reliable and low-cost on the maintenance. There are some interior rattles, but nothing obnoxious yet.

If you are thinking of buying a MINI, you need to know they do NOT come with a spare tire, so they are equipped with run-flat tires that are expensive to replace. That wasn't a deal breaker for me, though.