1995 Mercury Villager Reviews and Owner Comments

1995 Mercury Villager owners review and rate their 1995 Mercury Villager.

1995 Mercury Villager (2 Reviews)
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Had this car since it had 10,000 mi on it and it has done well as it now is approaching 200,000. the ignition key switch was replace by a dealer and continued to be a problem to this day. Heater/AC controls for the rear had a bad ground the dealer couldn't fix (still bad after 12 years). Presently battery light flickers, ABS light comes on and off, and battery charging is not dependable now. Brakes in the front wear out frequently. Headlights burn out about twice a year.

Other than these things, i have been happy with this vehicle.

Good luck
owned the 95 villager for a year now and i find it good on gas and easy to handle. for it's age and over 255thou km it is holding up very well. just having a problem with air flow sensers but otherwize normal maintainance.