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1994 Mercury Villager (3 Reviews)
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If You go banking or MDonalds better park and walk it save gaskets and seals. If "check engine" turn on buy a injector cleaner also before inspections. After 100t miles start full sintetic and You will get 99t more on that motor easy. Change transm oil, termostat and coolant at 90t, brake pahts every 50t , new tires as needed and You will be a happy person w low taxes and nice rides. My have 148t and no problems. New RadioCD and front wipers motor. Will keep it to end. Better ride that my Toyota corolla. Thanks Mercury.
Bought it used. The detailer had steamed the engine so I had to put in a new Alternator. While I was doing the normal used car 'runs fine' stuff I changed the filter and fluid in the Transmission. New Battery, Alternator, Trans Filter and Gasket. Pulled the radiator and cleaned the bugs out. So far it's great. The 'check engine light' is annoying. They have it set to have you turn off the overdrive. Doesn't need it, downshifts just fine with no load on engine. Love it. Only complaint would be the middle seat comes out fine. Back seat slides up, but not out. Could use the floor space but it's ok. Don't worry about the check engine light. It seems to actually come on less if you just use the down shift in the trans and leave the button alone.
165,000 miles and still going despite some work, very reliable, recent needed work fuel pump.