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1995 Mercury Tracer (5 Reviews)
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I've had my 1995 Mercury Tracer around 10 years now and it's great. Good reliable car with hardly any problems. Dashboard lights quit working about 2 years ago, (a pain) and fuel gage is acting up about 4 years ago, but those are minor problems. Needs shocks, clutch now at 17 years, not bad. Interior is still great as well as body. Changed alternater few years ago, and it was hard to get at but the car was 12 years old. Engine still running great and the gas mileage has been around 27 to 32 mpg and thats city driving mostly. It's a bit small inside and I hate the cup holder which is too small and your big gulp might flip over, so this is the worst thing about the car, big deal right? Reliable, cheap, transportation with good all round visability and pretty good pick-up speed and great real small turning radius which has come in handy many times. Great front wheel drive is great and fun to drive in snow as it feels very safe with great traction depending on the type of tires you have but this car has performed fantasticly in snow for me and never got stuck. Great car for anyone on buget. This car is not fancy at all or pretty. I would rate it in the same class as a volkswagon bug. Better in some ways and not in others like work access in the engine compartment. I'm a big guy and I fit in the car just fine with good leg room but the height is a just bit tight feeling for me at 6' 1" and too small for my 6' 4" son but ok for my 6' 2" son. I would recomend this car to anyone on a tight buget and under 6' 3". Great, fantastic room in trunk with rear seat that folds down to get into it and you can load long item in there that way which is surprising in it's versitility. Almost small truck in a way. I've loaded 2x4s in there but would not recomend it. Well built and enginered carm with many good surprise features that you would never expect to have abd appreciate. I expect to have this car last at least another 5-10 years with not much maintenance except a battery or two, tires, clutch job and shocks. This car will last 100 years if taken care of.
Bought our 95 Tracer in Dec 96. Only has 386K and still gets 28 to 33mpg depending on traffic. Dosen't use oil. Normal wear and tear includes rebuild tranny, replace htr core and radiator. One CV joint. Replace speedometer cable and repair spedometer head. Still drives great and tracks super in snow. Must have been a Wednesday car. And, Yes, is a flatland car.
i just got my tracer its my 1st car i like it alot it runs good but i got to get a new head thats all it needs but it runs good
Very few repairs and maintenance. Gas mileage 25/40 (city/hwy). Problems include: lack of spedometer lube, failed driver door latch, plastic/aluminum radiator - small leak. The engine is simply too weak (85hp). Excellent flat-land car.